Fraser Park in Quinte West : No. 1 spot for Christmas outdoors

The verdict is in. Everyone waxes about the wonderful Festival of Lights in Trenton. The number of lights and displays are copious. Fraser Park’s juxtaposition to the water makes this location idyllic, dreamy.

“The baby Jesus is made of concrete and would take two strong men to steal”, Everett exclaimed in reference to the theft of baby Jesus last year.

“I just had to come again tonight”,  exclaimed a visitor from the Dominican Republic on his way to the airport.

“To think we have this in Trenton!”, expressed a mother of two toddlers in awe.

All agree, including this writer, Fraser Park at Christmas is a very special gift to the community and all visitors.


Panoramic view of Festival of Lights at Fraser Park, Trenton


Manger at Fraser Park, Trenton. Baby Jesus is now made of concrete.


Unique feature at Festival of Lights : Trees erected on docks reflecting on water.


Angels as seen from the bridge offer an auspicious entry to Fraser Park.

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