Shout Sister Shout!

Shout Sister

Shout Sister! Choir perform in Brighton gazebo

Hundreds gathered at Brighton’s beautiful Memorial park to hear the Shout Sister ! Choir voices resonate in the gazebo tonight. The large chorale performed a number of songs embedded in our fondest memories with incredible harmony and unique style. Because, composed by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and inspired by Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, was simply exceptional in the Sisters’ delivery. The audience’s pleasure was palpable. It is safe to assume it was a very personal experience for everyone attending.


Abby Zotz, Director, Shout Sister! Choir

Abby Zotz, a towering beauty from Port Hope, directed the group hailing from Kingston, Durham, London, Picton and Northumberland.

Love Train by the OJs, Place in The Sun by Stevie Wonder, Stand By Me by Ben E King, are just a few of the songs delivered in exceptional style.

The event raised funds for the local food bank and also support for Brighton’s Memory Junction, our unique train museum.

This writer commiserated with Janet Battaglio, a silk painter who runs a gallery in Consecon. It was something to witness the catharsis through her.

This writer could not help contemplate the beauty of the evening, the surroundings and the voices–against the backdrop of men who orchestrate war, death and suffering at this very moment. This moment was real, genteel, kind and utterly glorious.

WHEN: Concerts occur every Wednesday evening in the park. Bring a chair and find yourself.

Globetrotting Amanda Jean comes home for one-time performance


Amanda Jean in Bahrain

“My songwriting is a fusion, interpreting different soul and country roots,” reflects Trenton-born singer-songwriter Amanda Jean. “It’s a response to their works.  Simple, honest and vulnerable.”
Amanda cropped

Amanda Jean performing in the Middle East CLICK to enlarge

She was born Amanda Jean Mountford, daughter of RCA recording artist, Tara Leavey, and David Mountford, who passed away last year. Undoubtedly, the sudden loss of her father is the inspiration that informs her current works.

Amanda Jean is her stage name. It is the name that will be on her first CD in production this August, with all original songs influenced by Hank Williams, Patsy Cline and Ray Charles. At 29, this young woman will be a bridge between young audiences and those from an era that was perhaps the most memorable in musical history.
From the age of three, a microphone given to her by her mother was the impetus to sing. An Anthropology degree earned at York University did not silence a passion that simmered in her heart of all of her youth.


Amanda Jean performs with 7-piece band CLICK to enlarge

She has performed overseas, Bahrain and Dubai, for several years entertaining audiences with other peoples’ songs, accompanied by guitarist Ross Swanton and two seven-piece bands. Today, her energy is directed at writing and performing her own songs.
“My songs are about everything I experience,” she intimates. “A large amount are about painful times; but, there also a few joyful songs. I’ve written about a dozen songs which I have been performing since February 2015. I do two sets of others peoples’ songs and one from myself.”

Amanda Jean with John Bridgens CLICK to enlarge

“My favorite song that I just wrote two nights ago is written in a minor key. It’s called,  Beautiful storm. I will sing this song for the first time in Trenton.”

Amanda Jean is coming home this August 7th to the Trenton Snider Bandshell accompanied by John Bridgens (guitar, vocals & and co-writer) from New Zealand; both currently reside in Toronto. The performance begins at 6pm and ends at 8pm–bring your lawn chairs.

Amanda Jean, singer-songwriter. A fusion of Country and Soul


Brighton’s Art ON MAIN : QuinteALIVE Video

Enjoy this short video of Brighton’s art ON MAIN, July 11, 2015–an event spearheaded by Sheryl Delorme, Special Effects, Brighton. Read the story immediately below for more. It’s amazing what you can cram in 1:30 minutes!


Brighton’s Art On Main : huge turnout


Sheryl Delorme, Owner, Special Effects, hosts prolific water colour artist, Gregory Maude.

Brighton’s businesses are industrious, given to working symbiotically to bring in the public with diversions and attractions–and they do it well. Sheryl Delorme, owner of Special Effects, housewares and gifts shop (also Interior Designer), originated Brighton’s Art On Main–a public open air event that is blossoming with each year. Today, the cars were back-to-back on Prince Edward, the foot traffic was dense and parking was scarce.


Beautiful young woman visiting from Grafton harks to days gone by CLICK to enlarge

We captured some of the artists featured at a number stores; many more were present than we can possibly cover here. Watercolors, canvases, dolls and jewelry creations were among those we captured.

The park was filled with vendors, music, dancers and performers–the music echoed through Main Street. Surprisingly, a therapist from Brighton Massage Therapy administered a foot massage–on the sidewalk. The public was visibly cheerful; but, the humid heat slowed the pace.

Finishing off the day with an interview with Ron Waddling, famous for his canvases of wild rabbits, and, a cup of lemoncello gelato at Mrs.B’s, was perfection.

Enjoy the gallery of this wonderful day below; but, stay-tuned for the video packed with real action.


Ron Waddling with canvas of wild rabbit, “Betty White” (hosted by Mrs. B’s)


Colleen Dehm, Wire Sculptor(hosted by Special Effects)


Kim Helgason, Painter (hosted by the Blue House)


Dress cobbled from local maps soups up windows at Dragonfly


Dolls by artist, Anneke Schagen (hosted by The Robbin’s nest)


Artist who presented last year enjoys a splurge at Magnolia Cottage shop.


Peter and Patty Parmentier visiting Special Effects . Great supporters of Brighton and the Arts.

Ticketing by day, Turning by night : an Artist is emerging in Quinte


Del Henshaw, Wood Turning Artist

“I was clearing the beach for them,” Delmar (Del) Henshaw describes his expedition to Presqu’ile Beach with close friend, Doug Comeau. Henshaw collected a large piece of driftwood that appeared rotted through from its shores and placed it in his truck. He sandblasted the piece in his Frankford garage-workshop until he uncovered a healthy core, giving it new life and a title, Fossil. He painted the form and covered it in epoxy to keep it from the elements; it will outlive us all.


“Fossil”, driftwood sculpture by Del Henshaw

Henshaw describes his art as “wood turning.” He collects pieces of wood, often spotting them on the edge of the road, and turns them into beautiful bowls, trays and rolling pins among other forms. The Build Belleville project resulted in black locust trees being cut-down; Henshaw saved a good number of trunk pieces and formed them into beautiful bowls, now on display at Gourmet Diem and L’auberge de France, Downtown Belleville.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Readers have probably noted the corporate badge Henshaw wears (top photo) during the daytime, serving Belleville as a By-law Officer, Parking Services. He is in many ways like his art; rough on the outside and beautifully soft on the inside. For those who know Henshaw such as Jesse deWal, Owner of Gourmet Diem, and this writer, we hold this to be true. It seems, he has a larger following.

As I sat interviewing Henshaw, many greeted him cheerfully and raved about his work–some pieces already in their possession. His tone lowered as he spoke of his thirty years in all branches of the military–air, navy and army–as both a supply and EGS tech. (Specialists must always be ready to go to battle if needed; they are trained for war duty.) His eyes welled up as the memories of, “what I have seen,” came to mind. Recently, Veterans have found healing in working with horses; Henshaw finds it in bringing discarded and dead pieces of trees back to life. “The memories never go away,” he whispers.


“Flame,” driftwood sculpture by Del Henshaw

It is a blessing that Henshaw began wittling wood as a child. In 1985, he purchased a lathe creating pieces for three years until he sold it and joined the military; but, the itch to create never left him. In 2012, he returned to his craft creating an oak plate; it was on display at Timberwolf Gallery, Trenton.

“I’m not doing this to make money,” he repeats, “but, I will be able to buy tools for my art”. It seems Henshaw has new ideas for wood creations on his mind and that’s a good thing.

As he climbed into his new vehicle yesterday, I remarked a long plank of wood straddling back to front. “It’s maple. I’m making rolling pins for Jesse.” So now, his art becomes functional.

This writer must remind this artist to sign his work–even if it leaves an impression in pie dough.

Henshaw is exhibiting for the first time, November 21st, at the Batawa Arts and Craft Show, Batawa Community Centre.

REACH Del Henshaw at Facebook, “Simply Wood Art.”

“This is My Canada,” by Quinte’s own extraordinary Jeanette Arsenault

Enjoy an extraordinary song celebrating Canada, composed and sung by Quinte’s own Jeanette Arsenault. This song is being sung from Picton to Quinte West at four events today. It is epic. It is beautiful. Turn up the volume and feel Arsenault’s passion.

Listen to Arsenault leading a large choir in, “This is my Canada,” before a large audience. It brings shivers! Enjoy Canada.

“I love you Canada”, tear inducing, heart squeezing

Happy Birthday Canadians. You are Canada. Show the world your kind and lovely face.

This is a beautiful song composed and sung by our own Brett McNaueal, a prolific talent from our region.

New hope for Trenton


Trent Port Marina already filling up

On this rainy, overcast Tuesday, a vision has become a reality in Trenton. Along its West shore the Trent Port Marina is blooming ahead of its opening day. Boats already populate its slips and its attractive logo on a flag already flies above the marina. You can see lights in the interior–seems the progress is tireless.


Trent Port Marina gets final touches including its own flag. CLICK to enlarge

It’s too bad it will not be finished by Canada Day; but, boaters will be able to enjoy fireworks overhead in greater numbers.

Again, this will be a magnet for many visitors in the years to come and a jewel in Trenton’s lapel.

Trenton may be known as a military town; but now, it can also become known as a marine town.

Bike rentals, shuttles and walking paths into town are in our imagination. We dare muse about a large four star resort emerging nearby; Trenton needs more accommodation to be host to large events. We all know how events can shore up local economies.

Brighton delivers a series of fortunate events


Brighton Citizens’ Orchestra practice in Brighton Memorial Park gazebo.

At times, Brighton is all you need to find inner peace, to silence the noise.

Prepared food from the local grocer in hand, the plan was to drive off aimlessly and find respite from a day where I started many things and finished none. My steps were diverted by the Brighton Citizens’ Orchestra practicing in the gazebo. Terri Denyes conducted the thirty plus musicians cheerfully, the group chuckling between each set. (My informant was the French horn player who was sitting it out on the lawn.) I could go no further. I sunk into a picnic table with my fare and allowed myself to get lost in the moment. The music was enchanting. The air bubbled with a Southern charm. I imagined, any moment Gatsby would saunter by.

The climate was perfect with a faint breeze. The setting sun cast highlights and shadows that beckoned to be captured by my camera which I left in my office; so I settled on my phone camera.


Don Oakley leans on Oakleywoods, Predator mallet design

I ventured to the activity behind the gazebo and tripped on a game of croquet in progress at the Brighton Lawnbowling and Croquet Club. One Member excused himself and approached me as I snapped images. I discovered I was in the presence of croquet greatness, Don Oakley, of Oakleywoods croquet fame.

Many locals have spoken to me of Oakley’s work producing some of the finest croquet mallets in the world. Word is, the world is knocking on his door to procure the best in the sport.

Oakley drew me in to hit a few balls. Croquet is in my family, several generations back; so, it was too tempting to decline. It’s not everyday you get to play with an Oakley mallet and receive instruction from the Master himself.

Oakley’s direction was precise; but, my hearing wasn’t. Once I listened carefully, I succeeded. This is not the croquet of my childhood; it’s a whole other league. I stepped out of my discomfort zone tonight and gained real comfort.

Be warned. If you go to Brighton for a quick errand, you could be drawn into a series of fortunate adventures and delights.


The Brighton Lawnbowling & Croquet Club on Croquet Night

You can try it out–free–on Mondays and Wednesdays, 6 – 8 PM. Phone 613.475.3541

“We served deli bagels at our wedding,” The Sound of Music star chuckles

Bob & Heather in Canada

Robert Urich and Heather Menzies-Urich at their home on West Lake, Prince Edward County.

“I played the girlfriend of James Dean in The James Dean story,” actress and Canadian, Heather Menzies-Urich recalls. “Director, Richard Butler, would not let me leave the set for my wedding.”  She arrived at her new house in L.A. where the ceremony was to be held–1.5 hours late–covered in make-up bruises. “I had to wash the bruises off my face before joining Bob,” Menzies added to our mutual amusement. She then wed renown lead actor, Robert Urich, in a dress she picked-up on her lunch hour.

They met on the set of a Libby’s corned beef hash commercial. “Libby’s made hash out of our lives,” Menzies quips. Ironically, the script was a wedding scene; clearly Urich was smitten, hinting about, “making it real.” It would take another 1.5 years to get Menzies to the altar–so to speak.

“It was a small wedding of twenty guests including the cast of S.W.A.T.,”  Menzies continued. “The house was empty, except for folding chairs. We served bagels from the deli; yet, it was the best party we ever had.” This writer was tickled to a froth over such an uproarious start to a long-lasting union. I intimated, they reminded me of the characters in, Barefoot in the park. “Bob and I did that play together,” she replied ebullient at my unwitting discovery.

Regretfully, Urich was taken by cancer in 2002. His bride is left with rich memories of an extraordinary man who shielded his family from the wiles of Hollywood and three children; to wit, an active spokesperson is rising out of this loss.


Heather Menzies centre right of Julie Andrews in the role of Louisa vonTrapp.

Menzies is well-known for her role as the pranskter, Louisa vonTrapp in the classic film, The Sound of Music, starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. Louisa has been long suspected as the family member that placed the frog into Maria’s pocket upon arrival.

There is much to tell, as Menzies-Urich is an engaging story-teller; but, we reserve this for a QuinteALIVE upcoming exclusive.

PECMHF Sound of Music Poster

Poster for June 24 screening event, Picton.


Heather Menzies-Urich

At the moment Menzies-Urich is preoccupied with, The Robert Urich Foundation for Cancer Research and Patient Care.

She is also preoccupied with the health of PEC as a local resident. She will be present to answer questions this Wednesday evening (June 24th, doors open 6:00pm) at the special screening of, The Sound of Music, Regent Theatre, Picton. It is an event not to be missed in this beautiful theatre. It is ultimately another brilliant fund-raising event by the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation.

Info for tickets: 613.476.1008 X4425. Web site:

A first in golf tomorrow in Picton

Prince Edward County Ward Map

Prince Edward County Event Logo

Tomorrow, RE/MAX Quinte Ltd. and the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation will join forces to host the first annual Teeing Up Fore Health Care Golf Classic at the Picton Golf and Country Club in support of priority medical equipment purchases at Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital. May this writer say, PEC County Memorial Hospital are innovative and industrious in generating funding for this blessed hospital.

The Teeing Up Fore Health Care golf classic committee is extremely excited to join efforts with Wilkinson & Company and announce the accounting firm as the title sponsor of the June golf tournament. The firm generously donated a $5,000.00 gift to the Foundation toward sponsoring the golf classic.

The dedication of corporate sponsors, like Wilkinson & Company will help maximize proceeds for this tournament and is an indication of how these partnerships can help deliver much needed care for the patients in Prince Edward County. The committee is proud to announce that Wellings of Picton, McDougall Insurance Brokers, Market High Advertising and Parkside Landscaping and Contracting have chipped in their commitment to Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital through sponsoring the tournament at the $2,500.00 level.  Almost 40 local businesses have teed up to be hole sponsors of the tournament.


Registration for the tournament will begin at 11:00 a.m. with a barbecue lunch graciously donated by Jamie Yeo of Sobey’s in Picton at 11:30 a.m. Golfers will then hit the links for the 1:00 p.m. shotgun start to enjoy 18 holes on the well-manicured, picturesque course in Picton. A steak dinner, catered by the Golf Club Grill, will commence after the last cart returns to the clubhouse with presentations and awards, donated by Picton Home Hardware to follow. Entry into the tournament, which includes the meals, golf, power cart and a takeaway gift, will cost $150.00 per golfer.

All net proceeds from this inaugural tournament will be directed to the PECMH Foundation to assist with the purchase of a replacement echocardiogram (ECG) machine, used for heart monitoring at PECMH at a cost of $23,000.00.

For more info contact Hazel Lloyst or Briar Boyce at 613.476.1008

Location:           Picton Golf and Country Club, 734 Hwy. 49, Picton, ON

“Net neutrality,” rears its ugly facebook

Screen shot 2015-06-11 at 1.20.10 PM

The launch of last May by Facebook, once again with Mark Zuckerberg at the helm, appears welcome by those without internet access; however, the reception in the Western world is “two thumbs-down.” The free platform targets 2/3 of the world living in emerging nations; hence, the logo with a slash through the top third.

Although the platform is free is is reportedly very limited, keeping its use to a utilitarian level. How long will it be before sets its eyes on the Western world?

Where US left its Mexico borders virtually unchecked, Facebook has now done same with leaving a backdoor open for snooping by authorities. It will end freedom of speech if it is able to take root.

The “long tail” we have enjoyed for decades is getting cut back inch by inch.

Here is the definitive article against the checkmate move by Zuckerberg: is not neutral, not secure, and not the internet

by Jeremy Gillula and Jeremy Malcolm of the Electronic Frontier Foundation

“Facebook’s project, which offers people from developing countries free mobile access to selected websites, has been pitched as a philanthropic initiative to connect two thirds of the world who don’t yet have Internet access. We completely agree that the global digital divide should be closed. However, we question whether this is the right way to do it. As we and others have noted, there’s a real risk that the few websites that Facebook and its partners select for (including, of course, Facebook itself) could end up becoming a ghetto for poor users instead of a stepping stone to the larger Internet.

Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement of the expansion of the platform earlier this month was aimed to address some of these criticisms. In a nutshell, the changes would allow any website operator to submit their site for inclusion in, provided that it meets the program’s guidelines. Those guidelines are neutral as to the subject matter of the site, but do impose certain technical limitations intended to ensure that sites do not overly burden the carrier’s network, and that they will work on both inexpensive feature phones and modern smartphones.”

Read the whole story here

Here is basic info from Wikipedia. Note the corroboration with mobile providers.

When the lemons are 75 cents in Quinte, blow the trumpets!

Screen shot 2015-06-09 at 7.46.16 PM

The price of food has been sneaking up for months; but, today this writer witnessed trapeze acts in the price of produce and key items.

A lemon–and a not so great one at that–was 75 cents! I had to stop my jaw from making that clanking sound when it hits the floor. More alarming, this sticker price was found at our lowest-priced grocery store, the one who “won’t be beat.” A few weeks ago I paid $1.69 for a medium-sized navel orange at Metro!

A brand favorite, President’s Choice, Medium Roast, Gourmet Coffee, 930g can which sold for $8.88 through 2014 is now $12.49–that’s a 28% increase! Reportedly, the same product is $15 in Toronto. Where is the coffee shortage ? Well, Brazil had a drought; but, its coffee production is only down 12%. But that doesn’t stop the grocers from leveraging that opportunity. Dozens of nations produce coffee; Vietnam and Columbia are in second and third place respectively, their combined volume exceeding Brazil. Why is this brand leaping into the rafters in price? The label says it is made with, 100% arabica Indonesian Sumatra Mandheling, Kenyan and Ethiopian beans–not Brazil. Please, do explain.

Last week a small bag of unscented NN kitty litter was $1.99–today, $2.49! That’s a 21% increase. My jaw clickity-clacked through the aisles joining the gasps of other shoppers–it was a percussion concert of sorts.

Maistream media citing the Consumer Price Index is on par with citing the GDP; this latter monstrosity is so rigged you really cannot prognosticate the health of any economy. So the CPI states grocery prices have gone up 3.7% in March–this is an obfuscation of the highest order! Many items in my basket were flirting with a 20% to 30% increase just in the last few months and over the last week.

There have been reports of processed food sales in the middle aisles dropping. Are grocers recapping these losses through high demand items like produce and coffee? Consumers are awakening to the high cost of eating synthetic, nutrient-poor foods, endemic to these aisles. McDonald’s dropping sales is another telling sign. So this writer ponders, is a shift in consumption occurring with a concomitant increase in price–based on manufactured scarcity?

An on-line publication, Ontario claims the cause is the rising cost of fuel; yet, the real cost of fuel has dropped over the last 6  months. This is simply not credible. The CBC too was reporting grocery price increases for 2015 far below the actual sticker shock price.

Meanwhile the containers have shrunk–this has not escaped our attention. Cereal boxes led the charge by stealth; then many categories followed. So let’s be honest, shall we. The price increase is actually much higher. We Canadians still have a few brain synapses occurring, especially when it comes to our beloved food.

There is no doubt California’s drought is affecting prices in North America; but, Canadian grocers should respond by sourcing products available in Canada instead of California. Why does our broccoli have to come from California? Hopefully, corporate buyers will turn away from the 3,000 mile salad and start procuring from our local farmers; they are waiting for your purchase orders. We can’t grow kiwis or pineapples; but, as these foods rise in cost our diets can change, temporarily. Wise Chefs can inspire us to create with local foods, rich in nutrients.

We can speak with our wallets by withholding key purchases–those that are climbing without verifiable cause. Let’s not argue about inflation, CPI and fuel–euphemisms for a transfer of wealth away from the middle class. Demand answers. Speak up at your grocers; customers have been complaining, cashiers report. It’s a start. Grocers have a competitive instinct and don’t want you shopping elsewhere.

This writer watched the slow pace, the silence, the stares–a form of shock as boomers and seniors lingered at the shelves. Hopefully, this is not a foreshadowing of things to come, the hooves of the black horse in the distance.

PLEASE DO COMMENT ABOVE ABOUT YOUR STICKER SHOCKS – Just click on the little bubble on the upper right of this story.

Bowled over by discovery : business practice old as dirt

Screen shot 2015-06-08 at 11.37.30 AM

Scribes translating and copying scriptures with care, fearing death in error

You could’ve knocked me over with a feather.

Made an unusual discovery in ancient texts today. Do not get your knickers in a knot by this revealing. Just partake of our find–the conclusion is encouraging.

The consensus among theologians is the most trusted transcription of the Bible is the King James version–you know, the one where scribes were killed if they translated something inaccurately. This writer checked out a word we use everyday in business–one we think is a modern construct. One that is loathed by so many and in many cases has become deviant and wrought with lies–yet necessary and often without guile. Still guessing?

I checked the word, “advertise.” This writer found the word in two passages, Numbers and Ruth (both Old Testament books), and surprisingly, the meaning fits our modern context.

So those who poo-poo modern day advertising, take heed! Ad agencies, find solace in the fact that your practice is as old as Moses–or dirt. (And for those who believe, it was spoken by our Creator.)

Advertisers, keep on keeping on; but, tell no lies. *writer bellowing with laughter*

Hallelujah! Pass the mustard (pass muster).
Here are the verses copied verbatim:

And now, behold, I go unto my people: come therefore, and I will advertise thee what this people shall do to thy people in the latter days.

And I thought to advertise thee, saying, Buy it before the inhabitants, and before the elders of my people. If thou wilt redeem it, redeem it: but if thou wilt not redeem it, then tell me, that I may know: for there is none to redeem it beside thee; and I am after thee. And he said, I will redeem it.
#AdvertisingfromGod #AdvertisefromourCreator #AdvertisingOldasDirt #MadisonAveNotMad

PanAM passes the torch to Quinte West in grand style


National Air Force Museum : View from interior – PHOTO BY QuinteALIVE 2014

The National Air Force Museum in Quinte West is the place to be this July 4th. It is touted to be one of the most memorable celebrations of this year’s Pan American Games Torch Relay by virtue of its venue. Which other municipality can offer a fly-over and a retinue of RCAF Members?


Brigadier-General David Lowthian – PHOTO BY QuinteALIVE 2013

Quinte West Mayor Jim Harrison said he expects the event to be one of the most memorable parts of this year’s torch relay celebrations. This writer couldn’t agree more.

“We couldn’t ask for a better partner for this celebration than CFB Trenton, or a better site to host it than the National Air Force Museum of Canada,” said Mayor Harrison.

Wing Commander Brigadier-General David Lowthian and His Worship Mayor Jim Harrison will welcome the community to a family-oriented outdoor celebration within the Air Park of the museum.


Formidable Jeanette Arsenault will perform at National Air Force Museum PanAm relay event

The event will feature a fly past by CC130J Hercules aircraft and a variety of musical entertainment including renown singer Jeanette Arsenault. The formal part of the event will close with an address by John Smylie, Honorary Colonel for 436 Squadron.

The celebration will begin at 11:00 a.m. and end at 1:00 p.m. A barbecue hosted by President’s Choice and Mr. Smylie, along with music and children’s activities, will proceed until 1:00 p.m. The public is invited.


Day 3 PanAM Torch Relay – Sault Ste-Marie

The Pan American Games are the world’s third largest international multi-sport Games; they are only surpassed in size and scope by the Olympic Summer Games and the Asian Games.

The first Pan American Games were held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1951 and the inaugural Parapan American Games were held in Mexico City in 1999. Both the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games are held every four years for the athletes of the 41 PASO member nations, in the year preceding the Olympic and Paralympic Summer Games.

While the Pan Am Games have been hosted in a dozen countries throughout the Americas, Canada has had the honour of hosting them twice; in 1967 and 1999 and both times in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In 2015, Toronto will be the proud Host City of the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games. Visit the PanAM site here.

Fancy Front Street loses “Sir Drawsalot”, Doug Comeau


Doug Comeau, foremost pencil artist, stands near famous pieces including a gorilla with captivating eyes.


Timberwolf Gallery, owned by Doug Comeau, now closed May 30, 2015.

“I’m thrilled about my move,” Doug Comeau declares without remorse. “I now have more freedom and can concentrate on my work.”

After fourteen years, the foremost pencil artist packed up the contents of his shop, Timberwolf Gallery, 44 Front Street, Trenton. Last May 30th Comeau relocated into an 1,800 square feet atelier in his home, North of Frankford. He often waxed about how he loved this place.


One of Comeau’s many shark creations. CLICK to enlarge

“I will continue framing; but, I will be creating more commissioned works.” Comeau leaves behind the pangs of retail command performance and maintenance–the move gestated in his belly for some time. Sadly, the community will no longer view Comeau seated at his window, committing a million pencil strokes to canvas. Realism is the genre for which he his renown, especially in the topic of wildlife; however, military images and portraits populate his portfolio.

The locals will miss the daily banter in the doorways of Timberwolf Gallery and neighbor, Saylor Hardware; passing friends with a few minutes to kill would invariably join-in. Saylor would regale everyone with tall tales, Comeau would join in with deprecating wit–they had developed their repertoire over years with precise timing in its daily delivery.

Visiting Comeau was always a fun-fest. One day this writer took her weed-wacker to Ian Saylor for repair. I ended up on the sidewalk with Saylor, Comeau and a late joiner, Duncan Armstrong, all taking turns trying to administer first aid to my clearly dead lawn implement. The trio turned into quantum mechanics pulling cords, snapping and bumping–it was comical to see their distress at the pronouncement that the thing was, “toast.” This is one sweet memory typical of any day on Front Street–still the heart of this booming town that is Trenton. Now, it will have to do with one less cast member.

ANECDOTE:  Comeau was dubbed, “Sirdrawsalot,” by a local barrista years ago. The moniker has mutated into his new email address. Will we see it on his Humvee?


Vintage Doug Comeau surrounded by his works–never a dull reply.

QuinteALIVE Report on its approval and growth

The QuinteALIVE Blog featuring the people, cities and towns of Quinte ranks high in Canada–and we are glad of it. The area we cover reaches from extreme South of Prince Edward County, extreme North to Marmora, Campbellford, extreme west to Colborne and extreme East to Napanee (added recently.)

Hits: 8,199,000 average per year (2014-15). Yes! 8 million!  On one single day we reached 675,840.

Highest views in one day: 3,520 .

Screen shot 2015-05-28 at 1.24.42 PM

Screen Shot of our analytics – Views in one day

We’ve been growing steadily each year with no decline. Our readers were 99% local; but, increasing readership from everywhere has bumped that to 95%–that’s good for tourism and immigration into Quinte.


We are preparing a few biggies. You may have noticed our site in prep: After 5 seconds it redirects here–but not for long. QuinteALIVE will be magazine format with multiple stories getting eyeballs in the first scroll. The mag will access this blog while the latter continues as is–why stop a good thing.


We are not interested in crime, accidents and political mud-slinging. We want our readers to find joy and inspiration at QuinteALIVE. Everything we do is driven by the last thing we did that made our readers happy. Our Twitter stream informs us too. Our Pinterest and YouTube accounts are also growing steadily (it is peculiar how YouTube does not count embedded views in WordPress.)

It would astonish to learn the numbers of people who no longer watch television or read the newspapers because, “[they hate the bad news and it serves no purpose.]”. We paraphrase the collective.

It is quite an irony to see Tourism and Economic Development work tirelessly to bring feet and revenue to the area when on first web search, crime and accidents in media are the mainstay. Bless their hearts! But QuinteALIVE is also there making merry.


QuinteALIVE aims to help push back nihilism, depression, loneliness, hate, gossip, boredom with a hefty daily dose of, “Look there’s my friend doing something great!,” and, “Wow! look what that little company is doing!,” and, “That’s a great idea!” Stuff like that. Quinte has plenty to offer.

This writer has yet to meet a Quintonian that does not have a great story to tell. The folks here are good, interesting and often, a barrel of laughs. Stay-tuned for a line-up of Contributing Writers in fruit-bearing subjects, including our illustrious residents.

We plod on at accelerated speed.

2014 Ten Most Fascinating People of Quinte – No. 9 : Jeff and Debbie Evoy

Jeff and Debbie Evoy, a married couple from Belleville, met over 30 years ago at Japan Camera in the Quinte Mall (now located across the street.) Soon thereafter, Jeff Evoy bought the store and married Debbie the same year. They have been a caring provider of photographic products and services to the Quinte area ever since. Over the years another pursuit developed–one which took them to the far reaches of the world. Listen and enjoy!

READ THIS STORY on the Evoys to learn more.

Our last choice is imminent; our 2015 search begins.

Orlena Cain tells what drove her to All Good Things – VIDEO

Also see the full story below.

All Good Things come to those who persevere


Orlena Cain, Founder, All Good Things Home Shop, holds glass creations by Bonnie Doon Glass

“Would you like some water or some tea?” Orlena Cain inquired when I crossed the threshold. It did not take long for this writer to learn that Cain is far more than a media personality; she is indeed a caring individual, attuned to the people around her. I spent over an hour learning about this special soul’s life.


Wall-to-wall handcrafts at All Things Good Home Shop, Belleville – CLICK to enlarge

Relying on her experience as Shopping Channel Host six years ago, Cain opened All Good Things Home Shop –the most recent addition to style-craving, Downtown Belleville. In the mornings, Cain hosts a top-rated radio talk show at Quinte Broadcasting with co-host Sean Kelly–they are good foils for each other. (Kelly is responsible for recruiting Cain bringing her back to Belleville from Toronto.) On the show’s heels, she makes the short trip north to the shop–merchandising, procuring and selling artifacts made mostly from local artists and small businesses. Cain calls the store’s content, “rustic chic.”


Rough hewn wall art by family owned business in B.C., Cedar Mountain Studios – CLICK to enlarge

“Folding laundry is not an exciting way to spend afternoons,” Cain opined. The urge to fill her days with “things that make a home harmonious” was strong. Creations from Bonnie Doon Glass, rustic wall prints from Cedar Mountain Studios and environmentally safe scented soy candles from White Water Candles are just a few treasures that populate shelves.

The shop contains more than unique creations–they are the pieces missing from Cain’s childhood. As a young girl, Cain endured the grip of poverty and a cruel stepfather. “My bedroom was a mattress on the hallway floor,” she confesses.


Soy scented candles in retro metal jars by White Water Candles – CLICK to enlarge

These artifacts can take on deeper meaning; they are signs that life is alright, beautiful. When a child is safe in a loving home, beautiful things are commonplace. It seemed every item Cain showed me filled an unrequited normalcy. I observed this gentle soul, the pain palpable in her eyes as she shared memories–my heart rended. I put down my notebook and listened.

Her gaze would reach into the distance sometimes overlooking the Moira gushing at the rear of the shop, speaking of her “Oma” (German for grandmother) and her aunt–the two women that cobble a sense of belonging. I began to understand why Cain had opened this shop–its contents are anything but trivial and a comfort to many.


All Good Things Home Shop store sign — CLICK to enlarge

So many children suffer under cruel circumstances, unnoticed for too long. Cain became a ward of the Children’s Aid Society in her teen years; but, she has made good of it, as spokesperson for the organization. The healing finds many outlets.

Orlena Cain is a renown treasure to Belleville–success has avenged the dark years. There is no bitterness–just ebullience and energy–and a fun trip to a gift shop that feels like home.

Stay-tuned for the video!


The Orlena Cain Quinte has come to love – CLICK to enlarge


Gourmet Diem Belleville – VIDEO

See the story below for more!

Carpe the Gourmet Diem in Belleville


Jesse deWal, Founder, Gourmet Diem, builds up a foam on a latte

This writer finally made it to Carpe Diem–that is, Gourmet Diem–latin name for Belleville’s newest cafe, “gourmet of the day,” in English. Jesse deWal, Founder, worked in kitchens around Belleville for years while desire rose in him to branch out on his own; so, in December 2014, he opened the cafe and purveyor of fine foods on Front street, Downtown Belleville. The venue is perfectly positioned mid-point on the road–proximity, location is everything.


Gourmet Diem storefront, Belleville, Ontario – CLICK to enlarge

This young husband of Abigail and father of newborn, Charlotte Elizabeth, is evidently a “people person.” Every customer who entered was welcomed and tended to with kindness and aplomb–these are the critical ingredients to business longevity and deWal oozes them. Aunt Juliet deWal operates, Sweet Escapes, at the other end of Front Street; but, the two help each other when necessary.


Gourmet Diem “Tex Mex Grilled-Cheese-of-the-Month”

DeWal served me the “Tex Mex grilled-cheese-of-the-month,” perfection with house-made refried beans, two cheeses from Mapledale, greens onions and side-dips of hot Salsa Verde and Sour Cream. Pairing with a thirst-quenching, rare treat, Boylan’s Birch Beer , made with cane sugar doubled as a liquid dessert!

The sit-down cafe is beautifully appointed and select satellite music quaffes from above. Newspapers and magazines near the coffee service stand completes the experience especially for single visitors. Rich shelving at the rear is covered with delicacies from sauces to biscuits; in fact, the product line-up includes high quality cookware. The cafe doubles as a gift shop for the culinary among us. Mrs. B’s extensive line-up of brittles and nuts, Baco Noir Jelly from Sandbanks Winery and Prince Edward County Hot Sauce are a few items in this treasure trove.


Gourmet Diem, Belleville–shelves flank the cafe with takeaway delicacies – CLICK to enlarge

Procurement is everything in retail–sourcing unique products that elicit desire in customers. DeWal features exceptional quality products from our neck-of-the-woods. Most impressive among offerings, Seed to Sausage,  from Sharbot Lake.

“Their meat is the lowest in nitrites, no fillers and naturally smoked,” qualifies deWal. Surprisingly, these are not pricey and within reach of most budgets. And then, my eyes fell on duck liver pate.

DeWal plans to deliver charcuterie lessons to the public, with cheese and wine pairings in the curriculum. He also plans to extend summer hours beyond 5:00 pm through the dinner and theatre hours. A liquor licence is also on his wish list.


Exceptional wood carving by Del Henshaw – CLICK to enlarge

Gourmet Diem fashions itself four ways with the inclusion of original art–sculptures, canvasses and literature–on shelves, walls and windows. Gourmet Diem could be Gourmet Quattuor (Latin for four)-foodservice, food products, cookware and curator. Canvases by local artist, Al Zaback, inscribed with poetry by John Farquharson and scuplted wood into bowls and forms by Del Henshaw add soulful “swag” to the venue.

Take a peek at the 2015 County Terroir – SHORT VIDEO

The 2015 County Terroir occurred on a record breaking, warm day last May 9, 2015. It was a great event filled with as many smiles as tastings.

The County expects a banner year in 2015 as the region has made the news globally in 2014 as “one of the top places to visit in the world.” The wineries and artisan foodies present were world caliber.

Have a peek at this year’s County Terroir. We could only squeeze in a few exhibitors-although our camera panned. Next year, we’ll attempt to catch them all!

Go to: for a full list of exhibitors and information.

County Terroir : A barrel of laughs


Vicki Emlaw, Founder, Vicki’s Veggies, organic greens and by-products

The 2015 County Terroir served up all manner of artisan goodies; but, the flavor of the day was wit. They say a good, full-bodied wine is “long” (on the palate); but, nothing lasts longer than happy brain chemicals. From one exhibitor to another, the one-liners rolled off their lips. These County folks are good for the soul, a troupe of comedians, well acquainted with each other. As the Terroir wrapped up–the insider show began. This writer observed.


Vicki’s Veggies line-up of Hot Sauces and Plum Sauce

Vicki Emlaw wins the County Terroir Congeniality award. Surely Vicki’s Veggies continued growth over the last decade is as a result of Emlaw’s cheerful countenance–never mind that she wields organic rapini, kale and arugula–and now sauces–like no one else in the region. Most astonishing about Emlaw is her perfect complexion–it is something to witness and testament to the healthy goods she produces, markets and consumes.

“We have two huge walk-in refrigerators now,” Emlaw qualifies as I spoke of our visits to her small roadside operation over a decade ago. Vicki’s Veggies has evidently ballooned; it is a branded force in The County and today, Emlaw is vital Member of Slow Food in The County.


Dan Tweyman, Winemaker, Trail Estates

“You look like a mad scientist,” I dared say. “I am a mad scientist,” Dan Tweyman conceded, “that’s why I’m a winemaker.” Tweyman in true mad form got a good chuckle trying to make me pronounce spatburgunder (“shpapernunger”), German for Pinot–I’ll stick to these five letters, thank you. Septuagenarian owners of Trail Estate Winery, Anton and Hildegard Sproll, run a bakery in Kitchener/Waterloo; so, Tweyman is charged with creation and production and the younger Sprolls run sales, marketing and admin. Tweyman has deep roots in Okanagan, New Zealand and Napa winemaking–he is not to be underestimated. “In ten years, Trail will be the leader,” he preened, tongue ‘n cheek. There may be method to his madness.


Duarte Da-Silva (L) and Sean Kosey (R), Norman Hardie Winery & Vineyard

“We’re cellar rats,” Duarte Da-Silva qualified as I inquired about his role at Norman Hardie Winery & Vineyard. It is apparently a common expression; but, on hearing, it is hilarious. Seems a lot of the sommeliers in the County often refer to themselves in these deprecating terms. It still gets a laugh from this rusty wine lover.

I tasted Norman Hardie’s 2013 County Chardonnay and 2013 Riesling; the latter was my favorite. “It’s very aromatic,” I stated (Da-Silva held back eye-rolls). “It’s the only word I’ve got,” I confessed. “That’s good. You can go far with that word,” he replied, ascerbically . At this point I had tasted so much wine, I yearned for a spittoon and a cold shower to follow the comedy; yet, I hauled my tripod, camera, brochures, wine glass, shoulder bag to the next act. I imagined myself a balancing act from Dr. Seuss.

Stay-tuned for more on the 2015 County Terroir.

County opens season with hottest Terroir


Crystal Palace, Picton, host of 2015 County Terroir. Rear view.

Yesterday was perhaps the most blissful May day in The County–ever. This writer made her way to Picton, traversing Hillier, Wellington and Bloomfield, casting all cares to the wind blowing my hair into a tangled nest–it was a perfect, convertible car day. Indulging in “careoke” was irresistible. The view was simply soul-soaking–busy vineyards, old barns, manicured grounds, Victorian homes, charming town centres and miles of lake water. Locals and visitors tinkered at endless road sales and shops with a visible spring in their steps. The County is blooming with life.

It was an unusually hot and humid day for early May; yet, the 2015 County Terroir at the Crystal Palace in Picton was a well-populated tasting event. On entering the gates, staff arm you with a tulip wine glass stuffed with tasting tickets and a neon green bracelet for access to the venue and its surrounding tents staging the County’s best. Music rising from the tents added to the effervescent (pun intended) atmosphere.


Buffy Cole, “cupcake slayer” was a hit with Pinot Noir infused icing and black cherry compote chocolate cupcakes

“I have 22 weddings booked’, exclaimed Buffy Cole, founder of six year-old, Iced Cupcakery, Quinte West.  Brown and pink confections richly displayed on blingy trays was irresistible eye-candy. Cole blends The Grange‘s Pinot Noir in chocolate cupcake icing and black cherry compote delivering rich yet balanced sweetness. Husband Kevin, “the Trenton arena guy,” lends a hand beaming about his wife’s success. This young woman follows solid doctrine on how to start and sustain a small business (more coming soon).


Sherry Karlo, Karlo Estates, with recently appointed winemaker from Napa Valley, Milan Vujnic.

A County event would not be complete without the Karlo touch. New and acclaimed wines crowded the counter and cooling barrels–the selection was perhaps the broadest at the event. Sherry Karlo’s marketing brilliance astounds–she could single-handedly shift beer-guzzlers into wine-bibbers with the introduction of Karlo’s Doug Gilmour Signature. Visitors were opting for the cooler whites and roses to soothe themselves in 27 degrees–which felt more like 37! Newly minted Karlo winemaker, straight from Napa Valley, Milan Vujnic (“Vunich”) just landed in Canada–QuinteALIVE is hopefully the first media to introduce this affable creative of Croatian origin.


This writer’s energy faded with each hour–the heat and humidity is a drain on the brain and the body; yet, exhibitors did not miss a beat, right up to closing. All were consummate professionals without exception. I suspect their expectations of an extraordinary season, reaping unprecedented profits, were in mind. Recognition and high acclaim of Prince Edward County by global media in 2014 gives impetus to this long awaited dream. It has arrived. Move over Niagara, Napa and hot travel spots–this is the year of PEC! The dress rehearsal is over.

Stay-Tuned for more on The County Terroir event !

Brighton’s “thousand cuts” stings Main Street – again


Sherry Hamilton, Executive Director, Brighton-Cramahe Chamber of Commerce

Brighton City Council “thousand cuts” now decapitates local Economic Development and Tourism by defunding Brighton-Cramahe Chamber of Commerce–motion passed evening of last May 4th.

QuinteALIVE cannot quote many Downtown business owners; but, we can paraphrase.

“[Blankety Blank],” one says. This writer heard expletives again and again. Taken into their confidence, the morale is clearly low.

Businesses and citizens just endured an overstated, “State of Emergency,” for a few weeks with no access to potable water (and corollary rights suspended.)

Prior to that Council 86’d a project Brighton businesses had been developing for a year, a business development centre with a creative theme as its anchor; within seconds the motion to nix it was made at a historic evening meeting and seconded. Council meetings are now replete with finger pointing, threats, scowling and verbal angst–bread and circus. Pull up a chair and bring popcorn. It’s the best show in town.

Joyce Cassin, local journalist with quick, accurate fingers Tweets out every incarnation to the universe. Bless her diligent heart–she is the speediest informant. I almost broke water when she reported that one Councillor started reciting Shakespeare at one meeting–must have had some connection to matters at hand; but, eyes apparently “rolled.”

“They just don’t care about us,” is the repeated chorus from business owners.


Painting which hangs in offices now closed features iconic Presqu’ile lighthouse.

Brighton is a beautiful city and its business owners are skilled, creative and hard-working; but, some are losing heart on the heels of the current Council’s actions, under the leadership of Mayor Mark Walas. Several are contemplating closures this year.

The Chamber is vacating its current location on Main Street immediately. The public no longer has access to a tourist information location. The support for Economic Development is no longer available–and there is reportedly no one in this position at the City.

The Chamber will relocate and continue to serve its 100+ Members with no mandate for Tourism or Economic Development. Sherry Hamilton has been a cheerful presence in this town for many years. We wait to see where we can find her in the future.

State of Emergency Love : Brighton Mamas


Arrangement from Blossoms Flower Shop

Unconditional love cannot be wrapped in a box or embellished with a bow. There is nothing that equals your presence with demonstrated affection and hugs; however, we do like our mothers to remember our love long after we celebrate this precious day. Today we feature last minute gems for Brighton area children ages 5 to 75. (CLICK any image to enlarge)


Magnolia Cottage retro and vintage apparel are loved by boomer moms


Purses, necklaces, scarves from Dragonfly will be a hit.


If you know Mom’s shoe size nothing beats Rieker summer sandals for comfort at The Shoe Store.


A bird feeder and seed for any breed from Out on a Limb. Great, unexpected idea that she will love. Brighton is birding!

And there are gifts that delight our members–Mama’s senses matter!


Endless assortments of fine Belgian chocolates made here in Brighton by Mrs. B’s.


Take Mom out for a Chef-prepared lunch at Trade Craft. A drive to the shores of Presqu’ile to follow?


Pampering is pedicure! at Essence Day Spa. Gift certificates work too.


Get Mom ready for her big day out in new ‘do’ at Monacoe’s Day Spa.

Ideas are endless. A walkabout will not leave you empty-handed.

Happy Mother’s Day Brighton Mamas!

By Mary Magdalene, Editor Posted in Quinte

Trent Port Marina is on the move!


Construction of Trent Port Marina as of April 30, 2015

Quinte West is bubbling with excitement at the soon to be complete Trent Port Marina. The City reports it is on schedule with 212 boat slips–already visible from the South docks.


Boat slips await finishing touches at Trent Port Marina

There’s no doubt the Grand Opening will be a major event with a promise of tourism never before experienced in Trenton and neighbouring areas.

Read more at the Trent Port Marina site.

QuinteALIVE 2014 Ten Most Fascinating People of Quinte – No.8 : Jeanette Arsenault

Jeanette Arsenault is one of Quinte’s pearls–polished over the years into a prolific singer and songwriter. She resides in Belleville, Ontario, and formerly, Prince Edward County; yet, she is sought the world over and is often far from us. Arsenault has performed in events of scale including two Canadian Olympics. This interview by QuinteALIVE will make you cry, laugh and sing.

LISTEN : If you are Canadian, the interview closes with a large choir singing Arsenault’s, This is my Canada, an “epic” song also written by her. We hope it becomes a nationally adopted song–a second anthem as America enjoys.

Enjoy the video! Stay-tuned for the written story.

Sad Farewell to Kalay’s in Belleville


Lisa Goudreau with husband, Cpl. Goudreau at Kalays

This writer met Lisa Goudreau on a beautiful summer day in 2012 at her seafood truck parked just South of Trenton on Hwy 33. The van was decked out with elegant graphics and compartments that displayed exotic sea life for discerning palates. It was an impressive extension of her larger operation in Belleville, Kalays Seafood Restaurant. I marveled at how she could juggle hands-on, the restaurant, the mobile version, a retail store, e-commerce business and life itself; Goudreau is a rare, tireless entrepreneur.


Kalays Seafood Restaurant interior. Click to enlarge

We also met Goudreau as military wife at Hangar 1, RCAF Trenton, as she awaited her husband to be recognized at The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee by then 8 Wing Commander, Colonel Sean Friday, for his outstanding service. She was visibly moved and very proud of her husband. It was an event either of us will not soon forget. QuinteALIVE followed the Commander as he pinned the lapel of over 200 recipients in an hour, congratulating them individually.

Sadly, last night, we received this press release from Lisa:

Kalays Seafood Restaurant located in Hilden Square, Belleville, recently announced through a heartfelt message on their facebook page that they will be closing in late May. The three month advance notification was intended to allow time to complete their event commitments, provide customers’ final visits and staff an opportunity to find employment. The closure comes as a planned exit strategy as the owner approaches semi-retirement.

Kalays parent company, Maritime Lobster Express, opened it’s retail store in Hilden Square in 2007 creating a niche market for their Fresh Seafood flown in direct from Nova Scotia. Kalays Seafood Restaurant opened two years later. At the height of its operations , the company operated an e-commerce website, a retail store, restaurant, food truck and seafood delivery truck serving Port Hope to Kingston employing 15 people. The wind up of the company started last Fall with the closure of the retail store and will end with the restaurant closure.

Owner, Lisa Goudreau, is hopeful that a buyer will be found for the restaurant. She is also considering lease options to ensure the space remains as a restaurant in an area where there is a need for local, independent dining options .  When the newly constructed space was leased 6 years ago with no walls or floor, it gave her carte blanche creativity for a dining room reminiscent of her home on the East Coast.  Although not located in a high traffic area, she has created a destination restaurant with the support of  a very loyal following.  After recent forced business closures in the area, Lisa is very grateful to be closing the restaurant on her terms and not as a result of financial crisis. Although this has been a consideration in the past, she attributes perseverance and the support of customers and staff for the restaurant rebounding.

“I certainly didn’t get rich but I earned a living and loved every minute of it and I am leaving feeling accomplished.” The same cannot be said of her previous career as a Professional Chartered Accountant.  As she awaits her husband to finish his military career to travel together, Lisa is planning an extended stay in Nova Scotia this summer making up for lost time with family and friends.

Kalays last day of business will be May 22. There will be a Farewell to Nova Scotia celebration for all customers and staff, past and present with live music from East Coast singer/songwriter Kim Doolittle on May 23; further details will be announced later.


Kalays’ dishes will be missed in the region. Click to enlarge

You can leave comments by clicking the bubble at upper right of this page.

Brighton State of Emergency : Update


Heavy equipment at one of the suspected sites near the water treatment plant.

QuinteALIVE drove up toward the Brighton water treatment plant. Less than a quarter mile South from it, workmen were working off road deep into muddy terrain trying to locate the precise location of the water main’s break. They had not found it yet as of 5:00 pm. The Brighton workmen were so tired working through the night that help came from QuinteWest.


Brighton Water Treatment Plant today

Went to visit the water treatment plant, to see if there was more info. Pretty much the same. So as we turned back South, we ran into another active spot further South and closer to town, where we were told there were three breaks and that they had found and repaired one. One worker was hopeful the water could be back by tomorrow; we do not share his optimism. From what we deduct, if there still is a lot of searching going on it could be much longer. One individual in town who would have some information by his position, suspected it could be up to a week.


Firefighters at West end of Arena are dispensing non-potable water

“This has never happened in Brighton’s history,’ one workman stated. It is indeed a puzzle. Especially when three spots are suspected over a wide area–so far.

Meanwhile we visited on the arena where six portable toilets were located on the East end. On the West end, the Firefighters were filling residents’ containers with grey water for their toilets. They were also giving out bottled water in packs free to residents. They are in place until 8:00 pm tonight. Instructions about tomorrow were not available.

Update: The Firefighters will be in place tomorrow, April 19, from 8am to 8pm with both non-potable and potable water.

All restaurants are closed. The No Frills will remain open since its cooling system is operated by coolants not water; however, the missing mists over produce is showing soggy, leafy vegetables. The staff are using portable toilets and washing with bottled water and soap. The store was well stocked with bottled water and the larger water cooler types.

The Emergency Management Centre in Brighton’s industrial park can be reached for info at 613-475-1162.

IMPORTANT: We hope that Brighton will visit on their neighbors and make sure they have water, especially elderly or those who are alone or unwell.

UPDATE April 19 AM: Taps are open but under boiling advisory–not deemed potable. State of Emergency still in place. County Road 26 still has leaks, breaks to be discovered and repaired. Could mean another shut-off.

UPDATE April 20 PM: No change from April 19 above.

UPDATE April 20 evening Council meeting:

To quote diligent reporter Joyce Cassin on location:  Boil water is still on. Repairs, if all the stars align, could be done this weekend. Boil water could be over early next week.

And there may be another interruption of water service for repairs. We will keep you posted here as soon as we know any developments.

UPDATE April 23

Repairs begin early this Sunday morning. This may require water to be shut off on Sunday. So fill up on grey water Saturday evening–buckets, bath, etc… When repairs are complete it will take 48 to 72 hours for the Health unit to lift the boil advisory. It’s looking like Wednesday might be the first day of “back to normal.”

UPDATE April 27

Yesterday the watermain was repaired–without water interruption. Brighton’s 332 hydrant were flushed through the night and continued today. Boiling advisory remains in effect until the Health Unit can give Brighton a ‘clean bill’ and lift it.

Will keep you informed here.

UPDATE April 30

Boiling Advisory still remains. Press Conference will be held May 1 at 4:00 pm.


Brighton is back! 2 tests from the health unit declare the water is safe AND the State of Emergency has been lifted.

Brighton under State of Emergency : No water

Screen shot 2015-04-18 at 1.21.45 PM

Brighton has been declared a state of emergency by Mayor Mark Walas. The water has been shut-off for safety reasons. The last we heard about water returning to homes and businesses, “48 hours at the soonest”. This is concerning. There are many elderly and of course seriously ill individuals on municipal water in Brighton. We are attending today to report more reliably. It’s not our usual editorial; but, we want to assist.

UPDATE AS AT 2:00 pm today from Councillor Brian Ostrander – alarming!

Thank you Brian for your caring, detailed response.

“last night rumour had 48h… I am anticipating a longer period for system testing”

flush – chlorinate – test. I am anticipating a prolonged outage”

“no timeline given at last press statement. Still waiting on repairs then significant work”

There is to be an emergency meeting tonight in Council as reported by Councillor Stephen Baker .

 “If you require bottled water it is available at south side of KEP Arena Staff and Fire Fighters are there to assist.”

Alert : Explosives detonated in Trenton today are routine


8 Wing public event. Herc in background. Click to enlarge.

The Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) team at 8 Wing will be carrying out old Explosive Ordinance today, between 11:30 and 12:30 p.m., on Department of National Defence (DND) property.

Limited black smoke may be observed, from the detonation, West of Sandercock Road and sound could carry for about a 2 kilometer radius because of weather conditions; however, all safety and precautionary measures will be in place to ensure the security of personnel and public safety for this routine activity.

It is standard practice to advise the community neighbours of particular local activity in our training area. Such activities are not intended to pose a disturbance to the community but seen as an opportunity to inform the local population of our routine activities.

8 Explosive Disposal Flight is part of 8 Air Maintenance Squadron, which is a centralized maintenance organization that is integral to providing multi-fleet second line support to 8 Wing.

East Trenton sprouts new life


East Trenton’s mall now anchored by big Canadian retail brands, Giant Tiger and Bulk Barn

It seemed East Trenton was becoming desolate. Then hope began to dot Highway 2. OffTheHook moved into the Brittania–gutted and cleaned up for its exclusive ladies’ and men’s apparel. The ever-changing Kelsey’s finally settled under the Boston Pizza banner.

We said our goodbyes to formerly Canadian, Zellers, and its staff. Now the large, restored building owned by the Frum family (yes, of Barbra Frum fame) is enjoying two new Canadian anchor tenants, Bulk Barn and Giant Tiger. Parking had always compromised revenue in Giant Tiger’s former location; now, this is behind them. We need to keep these stores healthy–they are after all Canadian.


Second Avondale Flower and Gift shop opens in Trenton East

A surprising new addition is perhaps the finest florist and gift shop in Belleville, Avondale, which opened a second location just across the lot from Off The Hook. Owners Bob Anderson and Greg White bring their creative talents to Trenton–ones they are currently investing in upgrading the storefront.

Meanwhile, digging has begun for the new Marinovich Dental practice, operated by Sue and John Marinovich. This couple has good taste; so, we expect lots of curb appeal.

The net effect is a nice facelift and a powerful magnet for this “over-the-bridge” side of Trenton. Smylie’s Independent and Canadian Tire were alone in pulling the public to this end of town; now the draw is powerful–for the whole region.

Robin Williams brought back to life

Actor Jamie Costa brings Robin Williams back to life in this video. Amazing! A little departure from our usual but a feel good 5-star video.

Belleville photo that took 20 hours to capture

Ash Murrell is one of Quinte’s resident top creatives. His core work is photography; but, he aims to expand into video. He testifies that it is imperative that he trade in Toronto which he frequents on a regular basis.

“People think I am too expensive here”, he states. Truly Quinte businesses need to recognize the value of the talent in their midst or the “bleeding” out of Quinte will continue.

Enjoy this one photograph produced for Bel Con, a leading corporation in Belleville. It took Murell twenty hours to edit the photo. Each person was photographed individually in studio. All were placed together in an airplane hangar–in editing–which he photographed empty. This video is accelerated and very telling about the work we all do in our segment; yet, this one is one of the most elaborate. Enjoy! It is very impressive.

2014 Ten Most Fascinating People of Quinte – 7th : Jeff Camacho & Rayling Lei


Rayling Lei & Jeff Camacho, Founders, Burger Revolution & Trade Craft Good Food Co.


Burger Revolution storefront. Click to enlarge

Last fall, I accepted a last-minute request to cover an evening event in Belleville; but, I knew I wouldn’t last without “fast fuel” in my belly. I had a short window of opportunity to experience a place I had heard of for awhile; so, I followed my instinct. I was astonished as I entered the venue.

Among the mundane experiences delivered to a dining public in small-town Ontario, Burger Revolution is out-of-place. It’s more in-tune with urban palates, spoiled by a cacophony of exotic temptations, a response to the burger’s gradual decline under the hegemony of McDonalds and also-rans. I would eventually learn, this was ostensibly the impetus for “Burger Rev.”

Jeff Camacho and Rayling Lei deemed Belleville well-suited to inherit their years of culinary training in Toronto; but, they opted to stay out of the crowded fine-dining sector. Instead, they invested their talent in a fast-food experience, redefining the category, one that is quickly becoming legendary; hence, a revolution. The Che Guevara-like closed fist symbol in its graphics bears no political meaning–it is simply a tongue-in-cheek mnemonic that serves the brand meaning well.


Post-it Love Notes from customers cover the wall. Click to enlarge. TM 3M

The couple travelled to Chicago, Toronto, Ottawa and New York, to sample “crazy burgers and get inspiration”, Camacho prefaces. And inspiration they got. A global perspective also informed every touch-point in the first store–an experience that is scalable–not just a “local joint”.

Burger Revolution isn’t an inch larger than Weber’s located on highway 400 (Toronto cottagers’ road to the Muskokas); but, the customer line-up is starting to look as long. Yet Webers burgers, renown for their generous portions and secret ingredients, bares little resemblance. Burger Rev’s ingredients are locally sourced (Enright Cattle, Wilton Cheese, Simpson and Grimson potatoes). The meat is ground on location and each burger made to order. It isn’t really a revolution; it’s a rebellion against thin, tasteless, mystery patties covered up with cheap condiments and buns. Then again it’s a food philosophy if you order the Utopia, the vegan version.


Popular Burger Revolution choice. Click to enlarge

“People know that it’s food made with love,” Camacho emotes, “and from scratch,” his spouse Lei adds completing the picture. They finish each others’ sentences as many happily married couples do.

“Food attracts,” Camacho states, explaining the genesis of their relationship. Rayling giggles. They both giggle a lot. This is clearly the release valve that allows this creative duo to work tirelessly six days a week, seven as the weather heats up. Before they came to Belleville, they lived in Niagara On The Lake for five years, where they met and “fell in love”; both were employed by Hillebrand Estates Winery. They started a family in Belleville seven years ago and now have two small children, 2 and 5.

Nowadays, you won’t see them much at Burger Rev which has a life of its own and a staff that is romancing a happy audience and vice versa. During eating hours, Camacho and Lei are thirty minutes away in Brighton, operating a new, second foodservice brand, Trade Craft Good Food Co. which opened on February 3rd inside the Antique Emporium.


Inside Trade Craft. Click to enlarge.

“We wanted something more”, explains Camacho, “we wanted to grow.” Entrepreneurs are systemically creative; once a business is established, it’s no surprise to see them branch out again. “Being a Chef, Trade Craft has given me a new learning experience, created space inside my head for more than burgers.” All meat is cured and smoked in-house and ingredients are also sourced locally. “It’s the same model as Burger Rev, just sandwiches.”


The “475”. Click to enlarge

The venue is wholly different from Burger Rev. It elicits memories of the 1950s soda fountain bar. Instead of a homeopathic pharmacy on the side, the venue is furnished to the gills with table, chairs and artifacts from the same period. (There is a separate, fully functional antique store.) You can read a genuine 50s Life magazine as you sup. Camacho and Lei served me the “475” sandwich named after Brighton’s telephone exchange–naming menu items is one of their trademarks. The 475 is stuffed with green apple slices (the town’s most celebrated food), ham, pickles and melted spicy cheese.

This is one couple to watch, pacing themselves, deliberate in each move. They are not to be under-estimated or under-appreciated.

Jeff Camacho and Rayling Lei – A short history

Camacho started cooking at 15 years of age. Graduated from George Brown College Culinary Program. Hopped around kitchens in Toronto, Virginia, Philippines and Niagara. Went back to school studying a Niagara on the Lake Culinary Institute. There he learned everything, especially the support of local farmers across Ontario. He previously worked at several restaurants over the years including L’Auberge Du Pommier (one of Toronto’s top restaurants for over 25 years). Before launching Burger Revolution he was Head Chef at Capers in Belleville.

Lei came from China to study Hotel and Restaurant Management in Toronto 13 years ago. She graduated at Niagara on the Lake Institute. Worked at Hillebrand Estates Winery for five years where the couple met. She too worked at Capers as Front of House Manager before founding Burger Revolution.

Enjoy the Gallery below:


Jeff the Barrista . Click to enlarge


Trade Craft Storefront. Click to enlarge


A good foam on the cappuccino. Click to enlarge


Memorabilia take-aways for sale. Click to enlarge.


QuinteALIVE is 3 years old today !

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It’s QuinteALIVE’s third birthday and we are thrilled of it.  We have met thousands of people in Quinte and celebrated hundreds upon hundreds among them in our stories, videos and LIVE interviews. As a truly independent media for Quinte, the future is looking bright. Thank you Quinte!

This “Editor-in-Chief” chose a very special person, whom we featured on March 3, 2013, on Front Street, Downtown Belleville, to commemorate this day. She is the personification of everything QuinteALIVE strives for, our values, our readers and viewers. Her name is Jeanette Arsenault. Jeanette is strong, joyful, kind, gentle, positive, talented, honest, brave and a friend to everyone.

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Jeanette Arsenault performing on demand. Click for whole story.

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Have you been dancing with the Queen of Empty Calories?


Cindy King, Exclusive Natural Health Contributor

Written by Cindy King, The Natural Sequence

Sweet, Sinful Sugar and its overwhelming power of seduction. Yes, it tastes good, but what can it do to improve your health? NOTHING! Sugar contains a lot of calories (4 per gram) but provides virtually nothing in terms of vitamins, minerals, or phytonutrients. It’s the very definition of “empty calories.”


Is sugar the new cigarette?

Because sugar causes a large release of dopamine in the brain, it can cause addiction and over-consumption in most people. Refined sugar is far more addictive than cocaine – one of the most addictive and harmful substances currently known. Refined sugars (not from fruit) are stored in the liver and get turned into fat which can then lodge in the liver and cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Sugar also messes with the healthy environment of our guts; specifically altering the delicate balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria. Unfriendly gut bacteria love refined sugars, which increases the bad guys, and can also reduce the population of good guys. This condition is called dysbiosis, and it can lead to gas, bloating, cramps, diarrhea, constipation, and inflammatory symptoms like fatigue, body aches, headaches, and joint problems. Sugar tricks your body into gaining weight by fooling your metabolism – it turns off your body’s appetite control system. It does not appropriately stimulate insulin, which in turn does not suppress ghrelin (the “hunger hormone”) and doesn’t stimulate leptin (the “satiety hormone”), which together result in you eating more and developing insulin resistance. This rapidly (in as little as 10 weeks) leads to weight gain and abdominal obesity, decreased HDL, increased LDL, elevated triglycerides, elevated blood sugar, and high blood pressure – classic metabolic syndrome. These are all major risks of heart disease, the number one killer in Canada.

Sugar disrupts your normal hormonal balance, promoting insulin resistance and leptin resistance and all of the negative effects that follow, such as metabolic disorders, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, hyperactivity and can even contribute to cancer. Doesn’t sound very sweet, does it?

Alternative Natural Sweeteners

Natural, healthy, sugar alternative options are available commercially. What constitutes “natural”? Naturally derived sweeteners are not produced chemically.


Stevia leaf, plant

Stevia is a plant-based, sweetener that is heat stable, PH stable and non-fermentable. Stevia is suitable for diabetics and individuals looking for a sweetener that will not impact blood sugar levels. Stevia is carbohydrate and calorie free. Sugar Alcohols are another class of alternative, naturally-occurring sweeteners. These sweeteners look and taste like conventional sugar, but with a reduced calorie count and glycemic load. Many sugar alcohols pass through the digestive tract relatively intact and are then eliminated through the bowel. This is the primary reason that they have a relatively low glycemic index, however, this may also be problematic for some individuals as overindulgence can cause bloating, gas and diarrhea.

Xylitol is one of the most popular choices in this category and its antibacterial properties have an added benefit of promoting dental health.

Erythritol is another sugar alcohol option. It is almost calorie-free and it does not affect blood sugar. As with Xylitol, it does not promote tooth decay. The most significant difference between Xylitol and Erythritol is the digestion process. Both are only partially absorbed by the body, but the Erythritol doesn’t go into the lower intestine for elimination. It is primarily excreted in the urine. Because of this it is less likely to cause any gastric upset.

Other natural sweeteners to try are Coconut Nectar Syrup, Agave syrup, Coconut Palm Sugar, Sucanat, Yacon Syrup, Brown Rice Syrup, Date Sugar and Honey. These sweeteners are natural, but will still effect GTF (glucose tolerance factor) so use in moderation. Now you can add other sweeties to your dance card.


Cindy King

Cindy King is the founder and operator of, The Natural Sequence, a natural foods and supplements shop serving the Quinte West community for over 20 years. King has been helping customers make informed decisions on their journey toward optimal health.

King is now a regular contributor on Natural Health for QuinteALIVE. Her stories here are written exclusively for QuinteALIVE.

2014 Ten Most Fascinating People of Quinte – No. 7 : Rayling Lei and Jeff Camacho

Jeff Camacho and Rayling Lei founded the popular destination haunt, Burger Revolution, in Belleville, Ontario, with great acclaim–this interview reveals why. Their brand is known far and wide for its its original fare and locally sourced ingredients. Find out what makes this couple tic and what else the future holds, including new moves in Brighton.

Stay-Tuned for the written story (We are experimenting by posting the video first–a reverse from our usual steps, featuring the written first.)