St.Paul’s Flash Mob at Quinte Mall

A few girls from St.Paul’s Secondary School, Trenton, stood up and danced to the Spirit of Christmas. Suddenly…their numbers mushroomed. So nice of QuinteMall to do this! Great fun for everyone present.

Surprising secret : Does it kill diseased cells ?


Squeeze lemon into clean, tepid water when you rise in the morning to raise your PH and oxygenate your body. Will also cleanse your digestive tract.

Good health eludes almost everyone. Life-sustaining nutrients are disappearing from our foods and the air we breath is laden with environmental toxins. The cumulative effect is our immune defenses deteriorate. So many share their health problems with us that we are committed to helping in any way. Today we share something special that if withheld any longer would be a tragedy. Be warned items herein are controversial items; but, we cannot ignore the expert voices that support them full-heartedly.

The maxim, “Knowledge is power”, holds up here. There is so much vital information missing from the discourse on alternative solutions; yet, many experts and people are aware of what we are about to reveal.

Did you know that viruses, pathogens and parasites are anaerobic? This means they do not require oxygen to thrive. Here is the amazing fact reported by so many: pathogens cannot survive when the body is well oxygenated. Wait…they report, even cancer cells cannot exist in oxygen. This has been proven time and time again by throngs of experts; but, there are those who remain opposed.


PH test strips. Dip in saliva (in spoon, not mouth) and urine (not first after rising). Available in Natural Health stores.

You already have oxygen in your blood. You simply may not have enough if disease is developing. A telling sign is your PH which should be more alkaline (7.5 to 8.5) than acidic (7 and down). These intruders are very happy and thrive in an acidic body. So how do you raise your PH in order to oxygenate your blood? There are simple things you can do. It’s easier than you think to prevent and overcome illness.

1) THE OBVIOUS: Stop eating foods that fuel an acidic environment. Junk food, processed foods, pesticides, sugars (fermenting glucose), GMO, nitrites, etc… Eat raw live produce as much as possible. Buy organic as much as possible especially meats. Remember the powerfoods: blueberries, cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage), avocado, legumes (black beans, kidney beans…), walnuts (not peanuts), quinoa (protein); we will write about this shortly. You will be surprised.

2) EASY: Start each day with a clean, tepid glass of water and squeeze half a lemon into it. Drink and wait 20-30 minutes. This will raise your PH, oxygenate your body and clean your digestive tract. This writer does this before coffee every morning.

3) BOTTLED OXYGEN : Food grade hydrogen peroxide can be mixed with water and consumed as a method of oxygenating cells. “Food grade” means it’s pure and without harmful stabilizers (unlike the 3% H2O2 sold over-the-counter), making it safe for consumption–if properly diluted. Again, the 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide has to be properly diluted. It must also be handled with care because of its concentration. You can start with a few drops in a clean glass of water (not chlorinated water) for daily maintenance or work your way up to 10 or more drops, drinking several glasses per day, if you are disease stricken. Some adherents promote higher concentrations; but, we would suggest the supervision of a Naturopathic Doctor if you intend to increase the ratio (see link below). We are receiving reports of renewed energy from cancer victims currently following this protocol. This may be a sign that the pathogens have been breached the cancerous cell walls and are being destroyed by this increased blood oxygenation.

4) FREE OXYGEN: This one solution you can enjoy immediately. Most people do not breathe deeply enough. Here is a powerful method:

  1. Breathe in slowly from your nose long and deeply into your abdomen (taking in as much oxygen as you can).
  2. Hold for the count of ten.
  3. Expirate from your mouth slowly until every last drop is out.
  4. You can do this for up to five minutes.
  5. Do this frequently every day.

You will flood your bloodstream with disease-fighting oxygen with this exercise. The benefits are myriad including stress relief and improved sleep.

5) BICARBONATE OF SODA: This inexpensive kitchen item will raise your PH and oxygenate your blood. For some with high blood pressure, it may not be the best choice. A tablespoon in a glass of water will do wonders. Do not choose the top brands which contain aluminum. Instead look for pure brands like El Peto or Bob’s Red Mill.

We could go in depth on this subject; our goal was to catch your attention and give you fresh ideas to pursue for your health. Happy trails researching this on the web.

Here are links you may wish to read:

Nancy Hearn, Certified Health and Nutrition Consultant

Dr. David G. Williams, H2O2 as remedy, full details including dosage

Prolific Health Author Peter Ragnar

Great story from renown Jonathan Landsman

Excellent article explaining what H2O2 does to cancer cells and pathogens


TO BUY RELATED PRODUCTS, LOOK TO THE RIGHT—> See Natural Sequence in Trenton on Highway 2, Cindy King, Owner.

New Store Feeds Locals Safe Protein

Brian Clement

Brian Clement, Founder, Clement Poultry, Brighton, proudly displays the first $20 earned and fresh turkey

“I’d rather be called a farmer, not a butcher”, Brian Clement gently responded to my first words. The Founder of the sparkling Clement Poultry store in Brighton, has lived on a poultry farm all of his life, a family heritage dating back seventy-five years. Clement took over the farm from his father in 1990, after completing high school.

The Clement family maintains forty acres in Newcastle, Ontario, on which chicken, turkeys, capon and duck are raised and processed–free range, grain fed, hormone and antibiotic free. They are ostensibly organic fowl. This is a rare treat for the people in the area yearning for safe, unadulterated protein in their diet.


Fresh, organic fowl including capon, turkey and chicken whole or prepared sell quickly. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Clement began seeking Organic Certification in 1981, mastering and earning the accreditation for the farm by 1985. The farm now processes two-thousand bird every 10 weeks.

Every week Clement drives to the farm thirty minutes West of Brighton loading up with fresh, just processed poultry for the store.

“I got to know Brighton while camping in the area and I loved it”, Clement explained on his choice of Brighton as a location for his store and home (next door).

It seems Brighton is impressed by Clement too; the store was rife with customers, many placing orders for their Christmas turkeys. To say Clement is pleasant and attentive is an understatement. A scarce offering with great service will propel this store’s success, already drawing from as far as Campbelford and Prince Edward County.


Clement Poultry store front as seen from Highway 2, sparkling with Christmas lights.

The store opened September 5th is located on 8.5 acres, east side of town on Highway 2, land formerly owned by a nursery. Clement shared surprising expansion plans with us for Spring 2015.

In an earlier phone call, I announced excitedly to a relative in Toronto that we are serving an organic turkey from the Clement farm this Christmas. She replied that she has just cooked a Clement chicken purchased at the St. Lawrence market where they maintain a permanent stall. Such is serendipity, a nod from the aether.


15617 Highway #2
Brighton, Ontario
Tel: 613.922.7291

VIDEO : 2014’s Ten Most Fascinating People of Quinte – No. 1

Here is the promised video interview related to our article posted yesterday below.

Discover this amazing entrepreneur, Lorie Boychuk LIVE–our first selection for 2014’s Ten Most Fascinating People of Quinte. Find out what drives her. Learn her surprising history.

Try not to be distracted by her surroundings!

SEE ARTICLE BELOW related to Lorie Boychuk.

Stay-Tuned for our interview featuring our No. 2 choice!



250 JPG Flyover rehearsals CFB T.


8 Wing/CFB Trenton will conduct a routine emergency response exercise between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. tomorrow, Wednesday, December 10 in the vicinity of 8 Wing Trenton. The training is aimed at testing the abilities of the Wing to response to emergencies through simulated live scenarios.

Residents in the Quinte West region will see visible smoke on the airfield as well as in the residential housing units (area of base housing). People will also hear emergency sirens and see Military Police and fire vehicles throughout the morning. This exercise should not have any impact on individuals conducting business around the base.

The activity is part of a regular training event at 8 Wing/CFB Trenton to test emergency response procedures. 8 Wing/CFB Trenton ask motorists to exercise caution if they encounter emergency vehicles during this time.

For reasons of public safety, 8 Wing encourages local residents not to linger or loiter in the vicinity of the training scenarios.

2014 Ten Most Fascinating People of Quinte – No .1 : Lorie Boychuk

We begin today to reveal QuinteALIVE’s and our readers’ choices for the ten most fascinating people of Quinte in 2014.  We will release each individual story and live interview, progressively this month and over the holidays. We hope you enjoy learning about some of our human treasures; we truly enjoy meeting them.

No. 1 – LORIE BOYCHUK : Military woman turned Chocolate Empress


Lorie Boychuk, Founder, Mrs. B’s Country Candy, prepares orders for corporate gifts

Lorie Boychuk was an easy choice for one of QuinteALIVE’s 2014 Ten Most Fascinating People of Quinte. There are few people in the region who are not acquainted with Boychuk or her brand, Mrs.B’s Country Candy. For fifteen years, this fireball of energy and creativity has built a small empire of delights, single-handedly and from scratch. She started in 1999 with a mere $500 loan, frequenting fairs and craft shows with her confections; this is the genesis of a brand that grew despite economic hiccups.

“When the recession came, we launched wholesale and began [mass producing and marketing to corporations]”, Boychuk explains as a reason for Mrs. B’s endurance.

Taffy table

Candy cane taffy, chocolate snowmen and hippos filled with surprises, candy canes greet upon entrance

We met with staff at both Mrs. B’s operations in Brighton, Ontario, the retail store and the kitchen where confections are produced. Evidently, Boychuk’s success is largely derived from a respect and affection from her staff. It is a truism that you cannot build a business without good people and in turn, good leadership. This admiration does not end internally.

As we stood waiting to film our segment, first-time customers entered the store. Boychuk attended to them with such aplomb and enthusiasm, they were still there when we finished our live interview; it is hard to leave when you feel at home. In this resplendent store, every shelf awakens your senses, visual, olfactory and taste. It is clear Boychuk loves her work; moreso, she loves to make people happy.

Tray of chocolates

Cream-filled Belgian chocolates made in the Brighton kitchen. “Fleur de sel” (back upper left) is popular.

Where does this dedication to service stem from? Here is the 180 degree surprise. In the 70s, Boychuk was far from the public eye, employed in the military as a radar tech at RCAF. Perhaps the discipline one acquires in this environment is impetus for successful entrepreneurship, a foundation to get things done in lock-step; in fact, Boychuk stated as much.

“I was up in the towers fixing them”, she states as she straightens, harkening to her earlier days in the military. “I was one of the first females in radar tech”, she exclaims proudly. “In those days, radar was nothing like today. We had tubes.”


Dips and nuts (rear shelf) are surprising brand extensions.

Boychuk also credits her father for her independence, bred in her bones watching him build a floor installation business in Peterborough.

“He installed all the floor in the old Brighton School”, she beams, making an early connection to a town she would soon inhabit.

Shifting from military to chocolate confections may seem counter-intuitive; but, her 35-year marriage to the love of her life, Wesley, is unchanging. Her eyes light up upon mere mention of his name. Both ex-pats from Peterborough where they met, the couple opted to migrate to Brighton.

Corporate boxes

Mrs. B’s corporate gift boxes made to order, ready to deliver. Peanut brittle, fudge, nuts, chocolates, turkish delights…

“My husband fell in love with Brighton”, Boychuk exclaims. “I love it here. I will never move my business anywhere else. The people here are amazing, so nice!”

Boychuk is not constrained by her location; Mrs. B’s delivers from Toronto to Ottawa in a van often filled to legal limits with confection-filled boxes for corporations and retail customers.


Cupcakes baked at Mrs. B’s. Note marshmellow icing lightly torched. Famous Empire cookies made from shortbread and rasberry jam (shelf below).

As our time elapsed, my penchant for sweets was satiated with an iced mocha-chocolate cupcake, a famed “Fleur de sel” soft-centered Belgian chocolate and a fresh-brewed cup of Heurig Columbian. I was able to consume no more. So Boychuk packed a buttery, classic Empire cookie filled with rasberry jam for the road.

“Have it with a nice cup of tea when you get home”, she whispers.


Small section of Northern wall covered with creations.

candy jars

Small and large Grumpy Cat keeps watch throughout the store. Currently in limited quantity; but the felines are for sale.


To reach Mrs. B’s Country Candy:

Store location: 7 Prince Edward Street, Brighton, Ontario

Store Phone: 613.475.5644

Click here to view website

Bell Boulevard Bubbles with new life

Maritime Travel

Two of three Travel Agents, Tracy Bertrand (rear) and Sheila Little (front) at the new, beautiful Maritime Travel agency in Reid’s Dairy Plaza

Party City

First store getting ready to open at former Zellers, Belleville, location.

New life is springing uptown Belleville, on the shopping “strip”. The gargantuan ghost of Zellers  is turning into a fresh strip mall, already donning the Party City banner. We wait to see what other shops will sprout from this real estate.


Panera Bread as viewed from West Bell Blvd. At the rear,  Drive-Thru is busy.

We’ve heard of Panera Bread for some time; it opened three weeks ago. On visiting, it bristles with customers in its near 3,000 square feet of space. Manager, Charles (formerly of East End Mario’s), is blissfully happy running this 88 seats venue. There is no end to standing room in the large-take out section where bread is displayed like precious goods under key lighting. No gluten free choices yet; but, for dining there are plenty of salads and soups without gluten. This restaurant with will take foodservice into the space age in the region; it is physically built and laid out to serve people at rocket speed (more on this soon).


Maritime Travel storefront on the West side of Reid’s Dairy.

Maritime Travel just opened in November in Reid’s Dairy Plaza. The agency is managed by Tracy Bertrand; both she and Sheila Little are formerly of Sears Travel. An interesting factoid is their height. I consider myself tall at 5 feet 9 inches; but, they towered over me at 6’1″ and 5’10” respectively. Not to be outdone, Adam Short, also at the agency is a specialist in physically challenged traveling; this is a rare service sought by many. Funny how the names Little and Short are no reflection of this group!


New Pioneer gas station at Bell and Wallbridge.

Drive a little further West and the new Marriott, owned by Williams Hotels, is almost ready for ribbon-cutting. At the end of the road at Wallbridge, a new Pioneer Gas Station, is now stealing market share from the Northern side’s Ultramar; perhaps, this will generate a price war?

New Life. It’s a good thing.


John Williams : From His Worship to His Honor


Certificate Signing. L- Outgoing Hon.Col. Armin Quickert C- 8 Wing Commander David Lowthian R- Incoming Hon. Col. John Williams

8 Wing invited former Mayor Williams as Honorary Colonel 8 Wing and he accepted. It’s no surprise since his relationship with the base has been strong for years.

In our recent interview of the Mayor QuinteALIVE asked what his plans were going forward, “I’ll be in my garage”, he stated. Clearly, his planned tinkering is offset a little longer; but, not his comedy routine. Almost everyone who knows Williams smiles and chuckles when speaking of him–the man is funny.

The Investiture Ceremony was held yesterday afternoon at 8 Wing’s beautiful museum, National Airforce Museum of Canada (NAFMC), RCAF Road. It was a formal affair with the perfunctory proceedings; but, it was imbued with a camaraderie that could not be suppressed. Some higher-ups flew in for the occasion in support of their friend. High ranking officers present could not resist the banter as he spoke at the lectern.


L- Colonel Cochrane C- Brigadier-General Friday R- Major-General Hood (all former 8 Wing Commanders)

“Stand up straight!”, howled Major-General Hood from the front row. The quips continued.

Williams got his in too; after all, it was overdue from the roasting he endured a few weeks previous. It was payback time.

“Anybody looking for a singer? Commander Lowthian [is looking for work]”, Williams announced at the lectern. (It’s true! We filmed Lowthian singing on the CP Holiday Train a few days ago.)

Many regretted seeing Williams leave his post as Mayor of Quinte West; now, he continues to be accessible and visible in the press for a few more years.


Hon. Col. Quickert gifts bouquet to Heather Williams, spouse of incoming Hon. Col. John Williams.

Outgoing Honorary Colonel Armin Quickert delivered a protracted but poignant speech at the opening of the ceremony. Among his many talking points, he spoke about military families and our need to support them, bringing the reality of their personal experiences to the audience. He too got a few laughs in deferring to his wife Marilyn.



Tea with Charles Dickens : Bonisteel Tribute




Drawing of Old Church by Roy Bonisteel’s grandson

The Old Church Theatre doubled as Roy Bonisteel’s studio. We lost him last year; but, not in spirit. He loved and refurbished this very old church. It is Christmas atmosphere at its best.

Can’t think of a better activity this Saturday, pre or post shopping, than an expert reading of A Christmas Carol. Fun for the whole family.

VIDEO Phenom! Fantasy of Lights at Fraser Park

Each year a group of Trenton volunteers work tirelessly in the cold, staging Fraser Park with Christmas lights. Each year they tweak a few changes to refresh the experience. We’ve seen a lot of beautiful Christmas displays and parks for public enjoyment; but, Fantasy of Lights is perhaps the best for its scale and detail.


CP Holiday Train : Pop-Up Show-Stopper at RCAF Rd.

The crowd at RCAF awaited the CP Holiday Train at RCAF Road last Saturday. It was a biting-cold, overcast day; yet, everyone pressed up together generated warmth a left a little wiggle room for music. The train screeched and tooted into a full stop, featuring a boxcar that doubled as stage. The effect was unique and thrilling.

The CP Holiday Train has been on tour since 1999 donating and generating donations from the public for local foodbanks. The train stopped on November 29th in Belleville, Trenton and Brighton.

Colonel Lowthian and Mayor Jim Harrison joined “Odds” and Roxanne Potvin at this stop near CFB Trenton, on RCAF Road. Enjoy!

TOOT TOOT ! Show on rails for food.


CP rail boxcar wall flaps down to reveal outstanding band performing

This initiative gives new meaning to “dancing for your supper”. This morning, the CP Holiday Train made stops just long enough to incite donations and thank the public for their gifts of food and cash for families in need. Excellent performances by Odds and Roxanne Potvin erupted from a boxcar as its wall dropped-down to double as a stage floor.


Father and son watch from the sidelines at RCAF Road by CFB Trenton

The CP Holiday Train is North America’s longest rolling food bank fundraiser since its inception in 1999. The program has raised close to $9.5 million and 3.3 million pounds of food.

Over the three weeks program, musicians will play more than 150 concerts from a boxcar that has been turned into a travelling stage!

8-Wing Commander, David Lowthian, appeared on stage with newly elected Mayor JimHarrison at the RCAF stop. It was a great morning with everyone smiling and jigging to great Christmas music–even Police Officers couldn’t keep still!

The public brought food and cash donations; all contributions stay within the local community.


The Free family have been running The Trenton Care and Share Food Bank for years. Donations piled up to the brim of their truck.

You can view a good video at  produced by CP.

Annual labor of light now complete


Dave Shoniker (L) and Ross Livingstone (R) complete the Festival of Lights in time for Christmas parade.

Behold two of a small army of volunteers behind Trenton’s annual Fantasy of Lights at Fraser Park, Downtown Trenton, Dave Shoniker and Ross Livingstone. The park is visited by people across the continent and a “must-go-to” for locals;  its beauty and its scale are legendary.


Christmas train display

“We’re going to put stuffed animals inside the train”, announces Dave Shoniker, “…and we’re going to make it look like it’s snowing inside the band shell.”

As tired and as cold as he was, Dave’s right brain was making that “click-whirl” sound of creative brain cells firing at high speed.

Ross Livingstone who cheerfully assisted Shoniker in staging all these wonders, a little helper of sorts, is ironically Santa Claus in Quinte West’s Christmas parade.

Now, all is ready for the public and hundreds of photo opps.


First and foremost is Doug Whitney (QW Councilor), he is the backbone of this endeavour and has been for more than a decade along with Ross. Now you take Sylvia and Jerry King, who have been there a number of years; Mrs. King is the woman behind all the nice touches that you see in the Park such as the wrapped presents under the huge centrepiece tree (donated to us by Tim Colasante and his family). Sylvia has a way of giving the displays that little something extra that makes them standout. Our new recruit Don Fry whose tireless work ethic is greatly appreciated and he fits in well on our crew. Then there is Paul Coveney (Firefighter) on his off-days has been such a great asset as well as Dave McCue (volunteer Firefighter and soon to be a Councilor) and my good friend Wendy Quellette who on her spare time has dropped by and lent a hand to the cause. Last, but not least, is Dunc Armstrong (soon to be another of our new Councilors) who has been there working at the Park nearly everyday when he isn’t working on some cause for the City of Quinte West. One more thing is the support from the everyday workers of Quinte West, who do a great job of maintaining and keeping our city looking great: Chris Angelo, Ryan Andrews, Matt Weiser and their staff, Sean and Steve. Brian and Randy and a few other great guys whose names escape me. So you see, it takes the MANY to make this Fantasy of Lights in Fraser Park come to fruition. And I almost forgot our good corporate friends (James father and son) at Trent Cold Storage who dress up their building with many lights which adds to the grand allure of Fantasy of Lights.

Read our 2012 post on the Festival of lights here.


RCAF and RCMP little helpers bound for the North


Colonel Alexander (R) hands Barbie toy to Captain Sandor Gyuk (former 8-Wing Chief Warrant Officer) before loading onto Hercules belly.

This morning, the tarmac at 8-Wing FCB Trenton seemed many degrees colder than anywhere else in the region; yet, our hearts were warm with the notion that RCMP and RCAF partnered to deliver gifts to children in remote locations of Canada.


Toys For The North logo on trucks.

Twenty-one skids (10 aircraft pallets) left in the belly of the Hercules bound for Winnipeg, Thunder Bay and Goose Bay, Labrador, in support of the RCMP’s program, Toys for the North. 413 Squadron at Greenwood, Newfoundland, awaits its cargo today.

“RCAF were asked to help with transporting toys to big nodes’, stated Colonel Alexander. “From there we will move them into isolated communities in the North of Manitoba, Ontario and Newfoundland.”

The donors of toys are major manufacturers including Lego, Mattel, Hasbro and Crayola. The use of our Forces’ surplus time and transport equipment to assist our communities is smart; supporting the RCMP in this heartfelt endeavor is “everyday” Canadian generosity.


RCAF team co-ordinating  transport of toys for RCMP campaign, Toys For The North


Stuffed kangaroo sits on RCAF forklift truck during upload.

Renown Quinte musician’s connection to The Beatles


Brett McNaueal with spouse Rosanna


February 9th, 1964, may not mean a lot to most people; but, that was the day that changed my whole life, the day The Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. I was the ripe old age of 11 at the time, a very shy lad, hailing from Kirkland Lake, Northern Ontario. I had always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. I used to wax my brother’s 1952 Mercury, just to get the money to buy a set of ‘Black Diamond’ strings for an old guitar that we used to beat each other over the head with. There wasn’t much of a back left on this guitar, one too many ‘El Cabongs’ like on the Quick Draw McGraw Show. Still, the front was okay, and I was sure I could learn to play.

That night, shortly after the Ed Sullivan Show began, I sat intently in front of our old metal frame Admiral black and white television, and I witnessed something truly remarkable. Four young men from Liverpool, England, walked onto the stage and changed musical history forever. They played the song that was recently introduced to American and Canadian charts; it was titled, Please, Please Me. So, with my eyes glued to their every move, I figured out what chords they were playing, basically from where their fingers were. After the song was over, I went into my bedroom, picked up my out-of-tune guitar and played what I thought they were playing. Across town were friends of mine who were doing the same thing.


Guitar built entirely by McNaueal. CLICK TO ENLARGE

I remember getting together next day with these friends and collectively we would show each other what chords we might have missed while watching the Beatles play the night before. After watching many more performances of the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show, we eventually ended up with enough songs to perform. Wow….we had a band! My first band! The Beatles made that happen for me.

Though many years have come and gone from then until now, many broken strings, many broken hearts, the Beatles were the ones that taught me how to play guitar and how to write songs. What an awesome experience it was to relive that once again this past February 9th. Ringo and Paul, the remaining two Beatles, and a host of the world’s best talent gathered to perform the Beatles songs. What a rare opportunity to see something that will probably never be repeated again.

I often wonder, what the world would be like if John Lennon was still alive. If George Harrison had not been taken away by that awful disease …..cancer. What an incredible reunion that would have made! Nonetheless, their music will live on forever. They were the best! They are the best! No-one will ever come close to the difference they made and continue to make in the music industry.


Brett McNaueal dubbed “The Guitar Guy”,  by customers of his prior business, Arpeggio Guitar Boutique, is continuing to provide a much needed service in the Quinte West area.

Master of Realism baffles beholders in Belleville


Bruce St. Clair, Canadian Master of Realism. Historic backdrop is actually his own canvas. Realism is the hallmark of St. Clair’s work.

“Marie, you must go to Bruce St. Clair’s exhibit tonight”, my friend exclaimed, racing after me before my flight back home, “he’s at The John M. Parrott Art Gallery above the library at 6 o’clock!” I sensed this was an event I should not miss; so, I scrubbed any hope of lifting my feet onto my distant couch and steered my car toward the event.

As I arrived, I met a most affable man; lo and behold, it was St. Clair himself. I was privileged to be guided by him through his prolific exhibit, works that span fifty years. I restrained my inclination to fawn over his work; yet, I witnessed cathartic gasps in the swelling number of visitors. Guests were clearly tempted to touch the paintings as they seemed so real. Many perched their eyes inches from the canvasses to confirm they were indeed not photographs. This is the stuff of realism.

Marked Jesus

“It is finished”. Oil. An experiential painting by St. Clair, superimposing his own face on the suffering Jesus Christ.

“I am influenced by Andrew Wyeth” , St. Clair declared. Wyeth is a world renown Realist Painter.

“From early in my fifty-year career I gravitated towards Realism, finding it the truest artistic expression of my personality, vision and inspiration”, St. Clair writes.

Marked Entanglement

“The Entanglement”. Oil on panel. 1998.

“Why is Bruce not world renown?”, I asked his spouse, Lori St. Clair, a creative literary powerhouse herself.

“[The powers-that-be in the art world could not agree on Bruce’s style, claiming his works were too varied.]” Such is the inane oversight of supercilious judges in the higher circles of the art world. St. Clair is clearly a masterful Realist. Picasso’s blue period was atypical of his abstract works, the most renown, Guernica. My mother was a prolific painter who experienced three distinct periods, each unrecognizable from the other. Art expression is anathema to consistent form.

Marked Feed My Sheep

“Feed My Sheep”. Oil on canvas.

St. Clair has been awarded the Gold Medal in painting/realism in the Grolo d’Or International Competition held in Italy, for his works, “Three Chairs” (not shown here); you can view it and other pieces at his web site below.

St. Clair’s first solo exhibition was held at the Wynick-Tuck Gallery (formerly Aggregation Gallery) in Toronto. He has since exhibited in many public galleries across Canada and been reviewed in major dailies and art periodicals.

Loyalist College and Kingston School of Art are beneficiaries of St. Clair’s prowess where classes are delivered by the artist; this high value instruction is a real asset to these institutions. Southeast Ontario wears him well.

Visit St. Clair’s web site here.

To contact Sinclair:

NOTE: These are photographs taken in the gallery where the lighting was low. Accordingly, hues are not accurate.


NOTICE : POLL closes when ballots close tomorrow

Thought we’d do our second poll of candidates for Mayor of Belleville and for the first time, Candidates for Council in Wards 1 and 2. The Intelligencer conducted their own poll on-line which was live for one day, August 15th. Their poll closed at approximately 6:15 p.m. showing Lonnie Herrington in the lead at 25% followed closely by Bill Glisky at 24%. Let’s see where we are today. (We were on good report, it was a frustrating process to Intell team since many voters cleared their cache and voted again and again. We have set our polls once again to prevent this from happening.)

WARNING: This poll (below) is set-up to prevent any IP from voting twice; so you can consider it organic. If an individual wants to “hack” the poll using complex means we cannot stop them; but, we are assured by WordPress that they can uncover such deception.

IMPORTANT: The Poll will close tomorrow as ballots close. Have fun in this process. VOTE because time is running out.


1) You assert that you are of voting age 18+; otherwise, your vote will be of no value.

2) You assert that you live in the voting jurisdiction

3) You assert that you are voting only once



Don’t know the candidates–undecided?

Here are their websites:

Lonnie Herrington

Jill Dennis Raycroft

Richard Courneyea (Twitter)

Pat Culhane

Bill Glisky

Taso Christopher

Kenzo Dozono



QuinteALIVE presents : Comedic minutes with Council Candidates

QuinteALIVE asked a few Candidates for Belleville Council to attend Lonnie Herrington’s official launch event so we could give them camera time. The room and hall were full as you can tell from the voices behind us–such are political events.

We are four days from the 2014 elections; everyone has debated many issues. Frankly, it’s not been a lot of fun. The fight to the top has proven to be pretty callous at times. So we thought we’d have some fun with a few candidates–break new ground. Hope the video makes you chuckle. (It’s not Rick Mercer guffaw quality; but, it fits the bill.)

2014 Ten Most Fascinating People of Quinte – Nominations

Fascinating Person

2014 Ten Most Fascinating People in Quinte

QuinteALIVE has begun selecting some of the most fascinating people in Quinte, from Belleville to Colborne, PEC to Marmora. These are not famous people (although one or two may be by virtue of their works).

Five will be selected by us and five by you, our readers and followers. The successful nominees will be featured here and on live film at our channel, interview style, in the last week of 2014. We are always focused on tourist attractions; but, our people are the most magnetic.

CRITERIA: The nominee may have exhibited extreme kindness, extreme courage, extreme talent or is simply, an extremely unique individual. The nominee must be 18 or older, male or female, and, a legal resident in our area. Deadline for nominations is November 21st, 2014.

INFO REQUIRED: Please nominate a person in confidence: 1) real name, 2) city/town, 3) contact info 4) Your name and contact info and most importantly, 5) their story here .

QuinteALIVE Presents : The Road Map

Drivers who live in the Quinte region often find themselves looking for suppliers in the auto sector. Word-of-mouth exhausted, they rely on sparse information to steer them, often in the wrong direction.

The Road Map is QuinteALIVE’s video production and stamp of approval for reliable auto resources. Get to know these business leaders intimately, live on film. It’s only 5:55. Enjoy!

Beauty Secret in coffee grounds


One cup of coffee and coffee grounds rubbed into hair and scalp.

I have discovered new use for coffee and used coffee grounds. I like that it’s natural and re-purposes a harmless food product. After I had my coffee this morning, I took a cup with the used grounds to the shower. I say, “if you can eat it, you can wear it.”

So what was my aim? To darken my brown hair and overcome a few strands fighting to become grey. It beats the 1,000 chemicals in hair dyes, some of which are carcinogenic.

According to this recipe I did it wrong because I did not use the darkest coffee and I only left it in for a half an hour, rather than the one hour recommended. I also did not rinse with apple cider vinegar (organic with mother) which makes the dye last. I wrote about this beauty secret previously. Despite my rushing and missteps, it still worked. The grey is considerably reduced and there is luster in my hair. And to boot, it works as a good scrub for the skin and then the tub.

Coffee grounds: eat them, wear them and scrub with them.

Stay-tuned for my next Beauty Secret. It’s a doozie. Hint: Fountain of youth for your skin.

Evening of flicking fun


Louis Gauthier, Crokinole Champion . Half off the chair, chin aimed, building a sweat.


Matt Brown, Crokinole Champion and convivial Host of the Quinte Regional Crokinole Club


QRCC groupshot. Eric Mittenburg in foreground, right, visiting from Toronto.

I arrived at the Avaya Centre, to a room clustered on one side with intelligent looking people seated in teams around tables, flicking small pawns across large, round boards. In the throws of flicking, the Quinte Regional Crokinole Club, poked their heads up and received me wholeheartedly.

In proper journalism form, I tested the group, “Are you all nerds with a high IQ?” My question was met with breakout laughter. Test passed in flicking colour.

I settled in with camera, spotlight, sound boom and tripod and drilled the teams while they shifted to the next table every eight minutes; I didn’t have to move a muscle to meet everyone (there is an action film on its way).

I don’t remember enjoying conversations so much in recent past. The group was ready to talk about anything. And so we did.

The etymology of crokinole is actually a word for cookie; effectively, the group was flicking cookies. Perhaps in the ol’ days they used real cookies (wonder if that is where “tough cookie” comes from).

In turn, the group tested me on its origins; I guessed French accurately. Now I passed their test. This explains why I kept pronouncing it “croquignole”, a throwback to my French father’s pronunciation.


Sisters, Shirley Wager and Betty Waite. Not to shabby earrings!

My English grandparents had a crokinole board at their cottage on Lake Erie; so, as a young child I flicked a lot when we visited. We own a board in the house at present because it elicits good memories; however, it was on its side, ignored. Now it is back out of the shadows and I am practicing for this group. I am no challenge to them, yet. I’ll flicking show them.

All kidding aside, if you want to join a great social group and enjoy a competitive game that won’t put you in the hospital, this is it. The only missing thing is a cheese platter and a good glass of wine from the County. I am promised this tomorrow at their tournament. Be there. Be square; it’s “in” again.


Trillium 2000 Bldg. (behind police station), 75 St. Paul St., Belleville

September 20, 2014 – 11:00 am

Surprising Centre of Style: Brighton


Fascinator on “Sondra”, a notorious hat model at Dragonfly

“My husband Chet orders all the fascinators”, Sandy Pasko, founder of Dragonfly, announces grinning ear-to-ear. I curled over in laughter catching her husband’s affirmative nod. Chet is a builder and looks very much the tool-belt type; yet, he procures quirky headdresses made famous by the royals in England for his wife’s elegant shop. The irony was not lost on me.

It was a beautiful Saturday in August when I visited the six apparel shops in the picturesque town of Brighton. My aim was to define its unique place in East Ontario’s style consciousness. I quickly came to the realization that Brighton is in fact a style centre, rivalling nearby Bloomfield and Downtown Belleville by the sheer number of its shops. This is surprising for a small town that features only two street corners at its centre.

More mystifying, these are not the predictable quirky little country stores which sell homemade jam on the side; the unique sourcing and quality of the products featured is astonishing. These shop owners know their trade and their markets, tourists and locals.


Rieker sandals, The Shoe Store (CLICK ANY IMAGE TO ENLARGE)

Take Kate Lewis, who has been running her shop, The Shoe Store, for twenty years. Perhaps it is the most enduring shop in Brighton. She was reluctant to speak of her early years as a foot care specialist for the VON, consequently getting pegged as same. A visit into the store dispels this notion. Shelves billow with beautiful, high quality, stylish footwear for women, from sandals to winter boots, even purses.  It doesn’t hurt that the world renown Rieker brand is the shop’s staple, assuring customer loyalty. The hidden value shoppers don’t see on the price tag ($60 to $160) is the secret Kate keeps close, until now: a deep understanding of our anatomy related to feet and posture.


Joseph Ribkoff dresses, The Clan Shoppe

Hop across the street and enter, The Clan Shoppe, owned and operated by Louise Boers, for thirty years. The shop is legendary in the region. Its inventory originates mostly from Canada, featuring brands like Joseph Ribkoff, J.R. and Libra. The price point ranges from $22 to $200. The two buttoned-down women serving customers at the time we visited, Patricia and Debbie, were simply extraordinary; the love of serving people came from a deep place. It speaks volumes about Boers’s leadership.

I muse on the longevity of these shops. Clearly, Brighton provides a solid foundation by its geography just off the 401 and on the way to Prince Edward County. A community with substantive disposable income provides continuity.


Sandy Pasko, Dragonfly


Gina Boyd, G. Boyd Boutique

Walk a few doors eastward and you’ll find Sandy Pasko at Dragonfly. There are so may unique items competing for your attention when you enter the small shop, including bling and more bling; you find yourself wanting and touching everything. The atmosphere gets a boost from smart audio; Peggy Lee belted out, Give Me Fever, a cheerful throwback for the forty-plus visitors. Pasko encapsulates her offering as “affordable ($20 to $100), fashionable clothing and unique accessories”; but, truly it is a fun place to visit.

Pop back across the street and visit Gina Boyd, the acclaimed fashionista, at G. Boyd Boutique founded in 2009. This woman is always arrayed in the most beautiful colors and style, head-to-toe. You wish to purchase what she is wearing; yet, her core product is footwear. The shop is peppered with other temptations like artisan jewelry and handbags. “I am a retired motorhead”, Boyd exclaims, in reference to her previous employment at GM. Boyd’s low-brow comedy is part of her charm; frankly, it’s a sale closer. She adds, “G.Boyd is sass, class and sophistication”.


Connie and Chuck Howell, Red Stone Clothing

Two recent openings, Red Stone Clothing, for men and women, and, Magnolia Cottage, a vintage shop, refresh the Brighton style experience. Red Stone owned by couple, Connie and Chuck Howell, opened a year ago this August. This shop is located behind the main drag, in a new strip mall off Prince Edward Street. Chuck embroiders all day, to order, on products purchased in the store for a small up-charge; this is a unique offering. The store offers all that men need in seasonal casual wear from slacks to polo shirts at the front of the shop; the back is stocked with women’s products that are uniquely sourced. Designer Cheryl Marigold’s exclusive tailored jackets look good on the rack; they are unmistakably beautiful and worth the ticket price of over $100.


Carole Pare, Magnolia Cottage

Carole Pare is well-known in Brighton, having founded many stores, shuffled a few and moved down the road a bit. Now she is back in the heart of town since May 2014 with a vintage store replete with authentic pieces and reproductions from the roaring “flapper” 20s and forward. In the Magnolia Cottage, small furnishings and dresses are pressed together beautifully into what seems art form. Meanwhile, the natural perfume of artisan soap quaffes through the store; the patchouli-lime is the rage and was sold-out when I returned two weeks later. The crocheted gloves–gone. The white cotton “Southern-Belle” sleeveless dress–gone. It doesn’t hurt that the price-point is the lowest of the six shops at an easy $8 to $60. This gentle, elegant woman is a precious treasure to Brighton. The memories the items revive is also good for the heart.

Enjoy the following gallery for a deeper look:


Vintage clothing closet, Magnolia Cottage


Exclusive Leather Jacket, Cheryl Marigold AKA Fashion Cartelle, Red Stone Clothing


MJUS and B. Unique boot, G. Boyd Boutique


Bertolli Handbag, Black faux opening Putorti sweater (made in Canada) , green CMC cardigan, Dragonfly


Rieker sandals, The Shoe Store


Joseph Ribkoff dresses, The Clan Shoppe


Lonnie Herrington UpClose – Part 1 : “Exodus or Evolution”

2014 Candidate for Mayor of Belleville, Lonnie Herrington, has smashed two on-line polls, one conducted by The Intelligencer and another on its heels by QuinteALIVE . The internet chatter and jockeying for position that ensued was eye-opening and on occasion, an “embarrassement of snitches”.

When QuinteALIVE first interviewed three candidates, Bill Glisky, Pat Culhane and Herrington, on August 7th, all three were new acquaintances. Taso Christopher had not thrown his hat in the ring as yet; so, only a fourth candidate, Richard Courneyea was missing. Courneyea told QuinteALIVE he was “on holiday”; yet, we received reports that he was standing on the sidewalk near his store at the time of our interview.

We entered this political arena for a brief time with the objective of presenting candidates more intimately to voters; we trust our work serves them well.

Quinte Travel Agent ‘Gets Mugged’


Wendy Phillips, Maritime Travel, Napanee, Quinte West resident, is QuinteALIVE’s 1000th Tweep

We were off to a hilarious start in meeting up with our 1000th Tweep, Wendy Phillips (“spelled like the screwdriver not the appliance”, she quips). We were waiting for her inside Captain George’s, Trenton, who hosted this rendez-vous; she was waiting outside. And so, we waited and waited for each other. Finally, QA rang her…in the parking lot!

Once together, we gave Wendy her loot, our QuinteALIVE Miracle Mug, which revealed her high and unique ranking as our 1000th Tweep (Twitter follower @QuinteALIVE). And we also proffered Wendy with gift certificates from Quinte’s retail heavyweights, Natural Sequence, Captain George’s, OffTheHook and Wish Home Accents and Gifts.

“I never expected this much”, she exclaimed. (Phew… I breathed again at her elation.)

Getting mugged” is becoming a meme in Quinte; even candidate for Council in Quinte West, Duncan Armstrong, asked us if he could “get mugged”. If only. He was our 1,031st Tweep. Our 1,100 Twitter follower will get mugged; there is no escape.


1- Natural Sequence is Quinte West’s top purveyor of Natural Health products and foods. Cindy King and her staff know the body and its needs–they are indispensable to our health in Quinte. They also manage a full-fledged wine-making facility at the rear.

2- Captain George’s Fish and Chips in Trenton is clearly one of the most successful restaurants in the region. The place is always abuzz. QA has often commented, this establishment is probably the cleanest in QuinteWest.

3- OffTheHook is one the top two mid to high end fashion stores in Quinte West, drawing regulars from the whole region. Brandy Brown is our most renown fashionista and a truly affable retailer.

4- Wish Home Accents and Gifts on trendy Front Street is hard to leave. A mini museum of home decor items from lamps, through stuffed chairs through mesmerizing accents. Splurge items like jewelry and scarves fly off the shelves.


Duncan Armstrong gets dunked for ALS

Duncan is a favorite, running for Quinte West Council. Here he is raising dough for ALS. A friend has described in detail how much his brother suffered from ALS–this is a serious disease that needs to be cured!

“Up In The Air” with National Defence

Up we went! QuinteALIVE gathered with media and dignitaries at 8 Wing’s Air Mobility Centre recently. We were taken on a fun “flight” by Parliamentary Secretary to the National Defence Minister, James Bezan, assisted by an instructor from the Squadron.

Enjoy a rare peek at the technology that is indispensable to RCAF on all missions across the globe.

See related story below.

POLL: Public chooses 2014 Belleville Mayor

Screen shot 2014-08-19 at 11.24.15 AM

A screen shot of our settings–to prevent repeated voting.


Thought we’d do our own poll of candidates for Mayor of Belleville and offer a view of voter sentiment. The Intelligencer conducted their own poll on-line which was live for one day, August 15th. Their poll closed at approximately 6:15 p.m. showing Lonnie Herrington in the lead at 25% followed closely by Bill Glisky at 24%. We are on good report, it was a frustrating process to Intell team since many voters cleared their cache and voted again and again. We have set our poll to prevent this from happening.

This poll (below) is set-up to prevent any IP from voting twice; so you can consider it organic. If an individual wants to “hack” the poll using complex means we cannot stop them; but, we will investigate any reports of wrongdoing.  Three of the candidates are live in our Round Table in the previous post below.

IMPORTANT: The Poll will close in one week. So be patient and watch the numbers climb. SO VOTE because time is running out. We believe you have until August 22, 16:35. This Friday.

NOTE: Jill Raycroft just announced her candidacy to QA informally, August 16 evening; so we added her quickly before voting waned. On late evening August 19, the day of her official announcement, we re-started her poll herein with a clean slate as it had been brought to our attention that the poll included several ineligible voters and that Stanley Jones had voted for her at least twice. We appreciate his coming forward with this. We hope that everyone voting will be honest and allow this poll to reflect public opinion. This is not an election: only a preview which can shift during the campaign. Polls are conducted during election time everywhere and frequently. Can they influence the vote? Yes and no. Ostensibly, polls offer those campaigning meaningful directional data.


1) You assert that you are of voting age 18+; otherwise, your vote will be of no value.

2) You assert that you live in the voting jurisdiction

3) You assert that you are voting only once


Don’t know the candidates–undecided?

Here are their websites:

Lonnie Herrington

Jill Dennis Raycroft

Richard Courneyea (Twitter)

Pat Culhane

Bill Glisky

Taso Christopher (stay-tuned)

Meet 2014 Belleville Mayor Candidates LIVE CHAT

QuinteALIVE recently hosted a round table with 2014 Mayoral candidates for Belleville at beautiful Dinkel’s Restaurant on Bridge Street. It’s early out the gate; but, we’d like to give 46,000 voters a chance to get to know three popular candidates, each with their own appeal and viewpoints.

Meet LIVE:
1) Ms. Pat Culhane (currently Councillor in Belleville),
2) Bill Glisky (formerly Managing Editor of The Intell) and
3) Lonnie Herrington (a business owner in the race for a second time).

CAUTION! We started with light humour to “prime the pump” and show you the human side of these potential leaders. Enjoy!

900th Tweep gets “mugged”


Tanya Calvo of Carrying Place, Ontario

Not too long ago, Tanya Calvo became our 900th follower on Twitter (we’ve since passed 1,000). We’ve been trying to “hook-up” for weeks for this photo-op and to gift Tanya with QuinteALIVE’s miracle mug (it reveals a message when filled with hot water).  We finally met at The Boathouse near Meyer’s Pier; could not think of a better backdrop.

Tanya is a Sales Executive with Sandbanks Estate Winery. The winery’s Baco Noir variety is its claim-to-fame.

Now we prepare to meet Wendy Phillips of Quinte West, our 1000th Tweep, who returns from Nashville shortly. This milestone demands a Miracle Mug Plus!

8 Wing Commander reaches One Year Milestone


8 Wing Commandeer, Colonel David Lowthian, Inaugural Day

We media “scrummers” shared the tarmac at 8 Wing yesterday with dignitaries from the Ukrainian community, National Defence and 8 Wing leaders among others. 8 Wing Commander Colonel Lowthian disclosed to me that August 7, 2014, was the anniversary of his induction (into the base’s highest position).


8 Wing Commander Lowthian’s first address.

Lowthian made it through a bumpy year unscathed; but, with surprises along the way (the heart of our upcoming interview). The road is about to get craggier given the seat-of-our-pants gathering this day, an urgent mission to Ukraine. It was a beautiful day, everyone adding to our collective, convivial spirit; yet, it was sweet sorrow reminding ourselves of the daunting challenge Ukrainians and the world are now facing.

Congratulations Colonel Lowthian!

Fantastic flight over Trenton without getting off the ground


Bridge high above ground leading into simulator. Captains Brunet and McCulloch-Drake greeting us at entry.

A few weeks ago, dignitaries, 426 Squadron and media gathered for a fantastic flight at 8 Wing’s Mobility Air Centre. Following orations, we were taken up “virtually” into CAE’s remarkable CC-130J “Herc” flight simulator.


James Bezan, Parliamentary Secretary to Minister of National Defence, and, MP Selkirk-Interlake.

James Bezan, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Defence, Rob Nicholson, took the helm and up we went into the skies over Trenton aided by programmed voice commands and a real technician from the Squadron (a film of the event will be uploaded shortly so you can share the experience).

Bezan earlier announced the Government of Canada’s $32.5 million investment awarded to CAE, a Canadian corporation headquartered in Montreal. The contract amended in the same month featured a full suite of CC-130J training systems as well as 20 years of in-service support for the Air Mobility Centre (AMTC) in Trenton. All 17 CC-130J are stationed at 8 Wing.


Mike Greenley, Vice President and General Manager, CAE Canada

Vice-President and General Manager of CAE, Mike Greenley, who recently joined the corporation, was present to receive the award and present the CAE systems’ capabilities to us initiates.


CAE Simulator raised up high on hydraulic legs at 8 Wing Air Mobility Centre.

The bottom line is: The Government of Canada is committed to supporting the Canadian Armed Forces with the right equipment to do their jobs and modernized training is critical to that end.

Serious business but great fun nevertheless.


My Cell Was Resurrected in 12 Minutes


Surgery in progress.

Last Friday, I dropped my cell phone (yet again) rushing to shoot film at a client compound. As I retrieved it, my heart sunk. The device’s face was gone, replaced by a hundred cracks and a hint of its digital past life. I didn’t go nuts as I was on client turf, convincing myself I would obtain contact with humanity again one day. I continued filming, clients keeping watch in case I had a coronary.


iPad before surgery CLICK to enlarge


iPad post surgery.

To my surprise I was able to receive calls on my Blue Tooth; so, able to explore my options with loved ones, I drove to the Quinte Mall. The familiar chorus of nubile, cellular droids began: “breaking contracts” KACHING!, “signing a new contract” KACHING!, “buying a new device”, KACHING! My pulse raced with each iteration. My amygdala said, “RUN!”. So I did. I packed my lifeless S3 and rode five minutes away to a residence rumored to be the answer to my dilemma. The sign at entry states, “Don’t panic, the Doctor is in”. I entered, gladly.

Once in, a high counter revealed a perfect row of cell phones, awaiting to be picked up by “others like me”. I felt I belonged. I don’t remember if I said, “hello”, to the many persons inside. In a trance-like state I released my cell phone to the man sunk-down behind the counter who took the little corpse without a word and began surgery. No words were exchanged about the state of my phone.

Twelve minutes or so later, my phone was handed to me, reborn and flawless. My gait was changed from Eyeore to Tigger.  I had to restrain myself from hugging all the strangers in the room. I was back in business!



Paul Holley and daughter, Hailey.

Paul Holley is on call seven days a week, working alongside his daughter Hailey who handles clients, calls and invoicing. Family members enter and exit the business quarters of the house, including pooch, Whiskey, to partake of the energy within. It seems the room has gravity pull, drawing everyone to it.

This happy family moved to 241 Bellevue Drive, Belleville, two years ago.  “Your Local Cell Doctor” was launched a year later. Paul was formerly an auto mechanic in Hillier; yet, he continues to tinker on a smaller scale, no de-greasing required. The bills are smaller now and the smiles are bigger.

(613) 970-2774

Change of Command at now massive 8 Wing Operations


L-R : Honorary Colonel A. Quickert greets incoming Lieutenant-Colonel A.W. Cleveland, 8 Wing Operations

On June 25th, 2014, Lieutenant-Colonel Christian Roy, outgoing Commander of 8 Wing Operations, passed the baton to Lieutenant-Colonel Andrew Cleveland. We interviewed Cleveland after the ceremony stealing him away for moments during the reception (in the film below, you can hear guests mingling in the background at the Officer’s Mess).


8 Wing Commander, Colonel David W. Lowthian presides ceremony. CLICK to enlarge.


L – R : Chaplain, Captain Allan Lynk delivers benediction. Captain Bowley delivers prayer in Hebrew.

While high officers exhibit decorum and great discipline, it is truly a pleasure to discover their human side. It is fitting to say Cleveland is an affable man (the camera never lies) and we expect he will do well at 8 Wing. We at QuinteALIVE send him our best wishes in meeting the daunting demands of a base that is blossoming into one of the largest in the world, right before our eyes.

8 Wing Commander, Colonel D.W. Lowthian, presided over the ceremony. Honorary Colonel A. Quickert also attended. Chaplain Captain Allan Lynk and Captain Bowley gave the benediction in English and Hebrew respectively. It was a flawless and enjoyable event as usual.



In the Globemaster with pilot Captain Elizabeth Thebault

The acoustics are terrible in this short video–cooling fans in the craft and perhaps other interference; but, well worth a listen. Get acquainted with our acclaimed Globemaster pilot here at 8-wing, Captain Elizabeth Thibault.

ARRIVA! ARRIVA! Waterfront Festival is delicioso!

QuinteALIVE was early at the Belleville Waterfront and Ethnic Festival yesterday. We were especially committed to covering the least covered areas, the ethnic food vendors, who were barely set-up as we filmed! Isn’t the fastest way to your heart is through your palate?

Incredible Shrinking Woman in Brighton


Toadstool houses in thimbles


Miniature house, the interior richly appointed with miniatures.


Husband and acclaimed winemaker, Paul Battilana

Last Saturday, memories of C.S. Lewis came to life at Brighton’s, “Pixie Hill”, on Bullis Road. Pixie is a fitting name for Nichola Battilana’s miniature creations (one wonders if she has partaken of Alice’s shrinking drink in order to produce objects so small, in thimbles no less.)

On this special day the public was invited to tea in true Mad Hatter form. Little girls dressed as fairies dotted the extensive grounds, mothers in tow.  They erupted at each discovery of miniatures peering through bushes and trees: toadstools, fairies, little houses and a hobbit door on the hill.

“Can I drink it?”, a young Alice look-a-like asked her mom holding up the little corked bottled perfectly  inscribed, “Drink Me”. It was all too charming.

Meanwhile, husband Paul Battilana edified me on the history of his creative wife. (I might add that Paul is a widely recognized winemaker, currently touted as “the man to watch” by Maclean’s Magazine.) I enjoyed a rather fine Pinot Noir from CasaDea where he is employed.


Nichola in dramatic form; she drank the “growing” bottle.

Nichola, Paul and son Dante moved to the unique property in Brighton from Trenton in 2009; formerly, they lived in Hamilton. Set on a meandering hill, Pixie Hill functions as an ideal sprawling canvas for Nichola’s creations; yet, the front room in the house displays crammed-to-the-gills miniatures, shadow boxes, hamlets in tea cups, toadstools in thimbles, Alice in Wonderland mementoes… Nichola is schooled in the arts having graduated from Sheridan College Graphic Design. Her creations are a breakaway artform, irresistible in their playfulness and detail.


Hobbit door in a berm.

“You notice things here you don’t see in the city”, Nichola waxes about Pixie Hill, “stars twinkling, pumpkins sprouting in the garden, tree frogs sitting on our second story window ledge…” Iveson, her British maiden name, alludes to an affinity for fantasy; we agreed, it is endemic to British life.

“No assembly line creations here”, she underscores,”[yet] this is affordable art”. This is a well-funded artist, the dreaming public as her patron.


Beautiful Alice in Wonderland shadowbox.

Nichola handed me her business card. It was covered in tea stains, authentic bumbling tea party style. I had to wonder if I was being punked when Dante divulged to his mother that he had discovered a decapitated (plastic) pink flamingo. Off with his head!

What great fun.


Business Card:

Nichola Battilana
Maker of Messes
Believer in Fairies